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Totally O/T Rant re: maternity clothes

big bear

A bear on a mission!
Ok so I go into my local town (Enfield) to get some maternity trousers as am huge this time.

Enfield has all the High St shops & a shopping centre but all of them have stopped doing maternity clothes, New Look, DP's, Top shop to name a few. The only place is Mothercare & I really can't afford to pay their prices.

I ended up in tears as was so looking forward to getting some comfortable fitting clothes. Everyone must've thought I was crazy as I just stood & cried.

It just made me so so angry. Why can't they do small sections of mat wear? I seen loads of pregnant ladies.

PS Anyone got maternity clothes size 18 to sell please send me a message
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hey hun, they all still do their maternity clothes.. (i know this because i accidently bought a maternity top in new look last week haha )

mothercare really is over priced so i appriciate that, but i dont understand why it is only your retail centre that doest seem to stock the maternity wear anymore, i can assure you all others still do and you can also reach them online (albeit more hassle, not being able to try on etc) xxxx

big bear

A bear on a mission!
Thanks Fern, I know that they do them still in their other stores my bug bear is why not in my town. It's not small.

I'll have to trek on the bus with a 16mth old to the town which does which is half an hour away which I don't fancy. I may have to do some online shopping :)

Just peed off that they've all stopped locally as they did them about a year ago not sure when or why they stopped. :mad:


Alomst there :)
I found excatly the same thing when I was PG, couldn't find anything anywhere!!!

Do get yourself some bump bands though (like these: 3Pack Bump Band - Maternity - Womens | New Look) means you can wear some of your old (non-mat) tops, they just go underneath to make it look like you're wearing a longer top under :) and get a belly belt kit - I was wearing normal jeans the whole time, just used these to extend the flies a bit.... saved me a forune!!!! :D

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