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TOTM and weigh in

Hi all
Had week 4 weigh in, my TOTM came just before i weighed, i also weighed a day eraly and had drank a considerable amount of water. I stayed the same.... to say i'm disappointed is an understatement. I haven't once cheated and i've done some exercise. I was wondering if anyone else experiences this at TOTM
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aww hun you must be so gutted!

i don't get periods anymore as on the pill injection so can't help there.might feel a bit guk every 10 weeks for a few days though.
when dieting before and having periods my weight usually went up by about 5lb so i think you've done great to stay the same.

if you know that you have stuck to LT 100% then you must have lost weight and your sts will be down to totm.
bet ya next week you will have quite a big loss.

don't get disheartened and look forward to next weeks weigh in x
ull probably get a big loss nxt wk hun. i always weigh more totm. mon will be my first totm on LT so not really looking forward to wi.

dont worry to much hun

x x
Aw, I know it's horribly disappointing, but, you know that you've stuck with LT, so there's no way you haven't lost some fat, if not weight!

As you said, there are a couple of reasons that the result isn't what you hoped - when I got weighed at the doctors a little while ago after wandering around drinking water, instead of first thing & on TOTM, I'd put on well over half a stone, heh (I swear she thought I was lying about how much I'd lost!). So, that, TOTM & the change in when you weighed have probably all impacted it.

I'm sure you're due a big loss next week, don't let it throw you! :)



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I had a totm constantly from week 2 right through to week 22! 20 weeks - crazy right?!!!

I doubt it could be your totm as you had just come on, its probably due to you drinking alot of water before hand.

Dont get down about it though, atleast you didnt put on. Hopefully youll get a big loss next week :D
I lost nothing last week so i totally know how you feel and i didnt even have my totm. so dont worry bout it babes it will pass and you wil lose again next week.
ah hope your not too dissapointed, i know it is really hard especially with been on LT as nothing pass's your lips so you know that it is not that you may have ate too much or anything... just think next week you should get an extra special loss hehe


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hi chick

I know exactly how you're feeling. I stayed the same one week, I've never once cheated and it wasn't even my TOTM!!! But hey, you cant let it stop you!! Carry on and you probably will get a big loss next week.

Keep your chin up and dont be too disheartened. I know its tough but in the long run look at what you've lost in 4 weeks.....20LBS!!! Thats fantastic!!

I lost 2lbs this week, i was on totm and it got me down too, but like everyone says, you need to look at the bigger picture. a small loss 1 week usually means a bigger loss the next. I find the earlier i start totm, the less i lose, but sometimes before totm i retain water which stops me losing weight on the scale. I'm sure your weigh in next week will be much better. don't give up!!


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Do you really and honestly think 2lbs is a small loss??????

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
It is a bummer to have had no loss but next week will be a big difference for you. Do not lose heart, keep to the programme. Just wait and see!!
aw thanks for all the messages, really nice to feel so supported, i'm not going to give up, no way. Thanks again

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