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:( feel so miserable this morning. usually this time of the month i majorly turn to cups of tea n chocolate. really findin it hard to stick to the shakes today.
I woke up starvin... so close to havin tea n toast but managed to stick to the shake with 2 sweetners. Have had a peppermint tea n 1 green tea n paracetamol. findin it hard to have water n have only managed a glass. jus hope i can get through these few days.
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its my TOTM too, feel soo crappy last day or so, and sooo hungry! i'm really craving chocolate too and cheese and onion pringles!
i started lt on totm and it was really hard ,but i thought start at the hardest and it will just get easier .... think of it as a few days of hardship then it will get so much easier ,, good luck


Always welcome new m8's!
Im dreading my TOTM so my sympathy with you!!!:sigh:

Just be strong, its like the first days on LT, they go and you feel better...until next month!

Why cant guys have TOTM's? so not fair!


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My totm is just about to begin, saving my choco shakes to have them warm and keep me satisfied
Keep going wibbly wobbly jelly. I am day 4 and coming up to totm, I have honestly felt like CR*P since day 1!!!

Today I am feeling loads better and I'm putting it down to drinking 4 litres of water yesterday.

You can do it....I only got through the last few days cos of every1 on here.

Bacon sandwiches are what I keep dreaming of, oh and a chip butties!!!

Really feeling for you.

thanx everyone. feel so much better :) I'm havin my hot choc shake now. Mmmmmm.
was jus wonderin does this mean i wont be loosin much on my WI 1 in 3 days?? i think i will be down more, isnt that the case when weighin urself after totm???
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Don't worry about your totm and WI wibbly, just concentrate on getting through this week. I'm sure you will be pleased as punch with your WI. Lots of hot baths and pampering.

I started on TOTM and found it really hard but towards the end of the week i found drinking lots of water helped. Goodluck and you will get through it. x


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Im dreading my TOTM so my sympathy with you!!!:sigh:

Why cant guys have TOTM's? so not fair!
I think you find that us blokes get it aswell, Cause i bloody know when its my wifes TOTM:D:cry::cry::cry:
I have 4 women in my house... Thats why god invented sheds!:D

Sorry Couldnt resist....
Don't worry about scales re TOTM. Your body is still burning the fat whether TOTM or not. It can make a bit of a difference cos some people retain a bit more fluid, and this can weigh a bit heavier.

I have always lost regardless, and some months slightly less with a bumper weigh in the week after and some months just as normal, so I don't fret about it.

I have found as others have said that if I still drink loads of water then this really helps the fluid retention anyway. Also don't know if anyone else has found the same but I have a fairly awful time, sick/headaches/stomach cramps and always have, but since really in the swing of lipotrim have found things a lots better, don't know if it is the vits or the extra water but am really chuffed.

Sure you will come thru fine x


Is thinking positive!
TOTM for me also...I am usually binging on crisps, Chocolate and fizzy pop right now..It is hard but only a few days a month I can cope :p A few days and you will be fine, You are doing well sweets! :):)

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