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TOTM Hell!!

I have never had bad periods.. this is my first since starting lipotrim... omg.... I thought I was coming down with the flu.. went to bed today and woke up like someone was crushing my insides... feel blimmin awful.. the pain is horrible.. did any of ye girls find this when on liptorim? God i hope its a short one (sorry guys!!) x:(
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Thanks girl..... could be tempted by a wispa methinks!! i have been all over the place the last week.. they come like clockwork but never like this.... i am thinking i need to go on the pill..... x poor dp hasnt known wether he is coming or going x
hehe, hes not coming anyway, well noit anywhere near me (2 babies in two years yikes heheheeheh) xxxx
Hunny i really feel for you cos i went through that hell on friday! I almost called in sick to work.

I felt like crap that day - my legs felt like lead and i could barely keep my eyes open. Then before all that i had the worst PMT in the world ever!

the pains and stuff have eased off really well but i have been really emotional - bursting into tears and feeling very very down.

I know its cos of the diet and hormones but its hideous!

MEN - you are very very lucky. The cravings are almost unbearable when its totm!
God I know how ya feel and thinking about it mine is approaching quite soon too. It feels as if someone is trying to stab me from the inside to the outside. Its horrible!! Really feel for ya chick, I am hoping it wont last for too long. I thought totm was supposed to be easier on this diet.
i suffer every month. Its the cravings a cant stand basically im a ***** every month, my bf will vouch for that. i cant be in the same room as him cos he winds me up so much lol But after a day or two they go and im bk to normal.


My husband = My hero
im feeling it this week!!!

my hips are in agony and my kidneys too for some reason!

yeesterday i just wanted chocolate!!! so once again Davina came out and did the super super duper ab work out to help with the stomach cramps, took my mind of those pains at least haha

but yeah, this has been one of the worst in about 3 years!! specially cos im not used to them as i had my implant in for 2 and so didnt hve any! nightmare! cant wait fr this week to end! xx


My husband = My hero
super women deffinalty!!! 2 in 2 years is bloody good! xx


I will be skinny again!!!
Yep i had mine in my first week of LT and the cramps were awful!!
I just had lots of chocolate shakes to try and make up for not having chocolate lol!!

Hope your ok chick :)
not so much cramps - mine was easier cramp wise! However the PMT and cravings have been HELL! LOL
yeah strange you should mention that been having occasional cramps all day in preparation and I not due till tom/weds. Plus struggling today to control my picking ---- nearly bit some left over sausage and bacon

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