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TOTM Relief!!


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Hi hun, i am also on TOTM as of this morning and i take 2 paracetamols to ease the pain. I suffer from period pain extreamly bad and used take neurofen but i am not sure if we can take that on CD. I think i read that we can but not on an empty stomach.

Sorry i cant be of much help but i'm sure someone will come along with more advcie.

I hope you feel better soon hun xx


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Paracetemol will be fine. You poor thing! Hope you feel better soon :hug99:


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So the dissolving ones should be ok then

Thanks Girls xx

I've taken 2 paracetamol with codeine and 2 nurofen this morning I'm in so much pain!!!! I always make sure I take the nurofen with a shake - as you're not meant to take them on an empty stomach.

Still haven't hit the spot though- may go back to bed. Is it just me or have everyone's period got much more painful since starting SSing?

Carol x


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I have pcos and only get a few totm's but this one has come with a vengeance after 70days..

The pain is awfullllllllllllllllll aragggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh lol


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Yea tell me about it lol


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mine aren't anymore pain full but believe me EVERYONE knows when its coming - just by my moods/tearfullness/snappyness!!!

never really had it before - but now??!!!

feel sorry my other half and wee man!!not at the time mind but after!! x
I feel sorry for everyone around me aswell when its my totm. I just become this extreamly emotional blubbing mess either that or a very very moody *itch.

I hope you're feeling better hun xx


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OMG!!!! I have had the most horrible 24hrs with my TOTM i was in tears this morning.. its only now that the pain has subsided!! Whats going on.



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well i have never really had hormonal issues with totm. then i did cd, got totm every other week and i'm a raving lunatic. i've never been so pissy, *****y and wanted to rip everyone's head off in my life!! i don't know how my OH survived it but i've had to move up the plans to 810 so life becomes bearable. that was a few days ago. no obvious change as of yet... hoping that after this current totm ends i'll be more in the clear!!

abz xx


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totally utterly and completely. apparently it's because we store hormones in our fat deposits and because we get rid of those really fast with cd we dump loads of hormones into our system. or at least that's how i was led to understand it...

abz xx

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