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Hi Ladies,
I have a question does anyone else feel awful when they have their TOTM while on LL?

I had a TOTM during my second week and it didn't really bother me at all, but it has started today (week 6) and i feel awful! I feel sick, weak, really drained and generally pretty yuck! Trying to work out if it is a bug or related to my TOTM because it seems a bit of a coincidence that i feel this way on day 1. All i want to do is EAT! I only have a bar with me for lunch and the thought of the sweet bar is making me feel queazy :jelous:

I just wondered if anyone else suffered from similar?

Thanks Kim x
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Yeah I know the feeling I'm afraid..
I came on my period on my second day of all days and I felt horrible. I had to deal with the aches and pains of going into ketosis and also my period pains! It was terrible.
I think what happens is that our bodies are getting used to the change and a massive reduction of calorie intake.
From last time I did LL I remember though that it does get better and the discomfort settles.
With regards to cravings. When I'm on I want to eat the world and its mother whether on LL or not lol!

Hope you won't suffer for too long Hun!


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Thanks Magic,

Feeling a bit better this afternoon, managed to eat my bar for lunch and i've drunk near on 4ltrs already to avoid the hunger! lol.

I didn't feel bad when i came on during the second week - maybe i didn't notice because i still felt pretty crap from the 1st week, but i've been feeling so much better and now in week 6 i felt like i'd gone back...but with a couple of paracetamol i seem to be improving!
Fingers crossed for a good nights sleep and then feeling 100% normal again tomorrow!


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Eugh TOTM :( Ive been on it since i started LL. Its driving me nutty as a fruit cake but yes you generally do but ive been on mine so long now i think the side effects of it have kind of eased (or ive got used to it). Although last week i had the queazy feeling and i get my occasional i want foood craving but i shall not break :).

Hope you feel better soon :).


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Thanks River! Oh gosh - you've been on for all the time you've been on LL? poor you!

Luckily i don't seem to have been affected too much by it making them irregular! I also felt much better on Saturday so glad it was only one day of feeling awful!

Hope everyone had a good weekend! x
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I meant to reply to this one the other day. LL hasn't affected the timings/length but I do feel VERY dizzy for a couple of days at the start. When I'm not on LL I usually take iron tablets at TOTM but I'm not sure if they're allowed when you're on the program. I also have MAJOR carb cravings for a couple of days beforehand and that's still just as bad on LL, although the rest of the time I'm fine. Very strange!

Glad you're feeling better though.

River, it must be awful for you! I don't know how you're coping!


Ready for the new me!
S: 10st13lb C: 10st1lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 24.2 Loss: 0st12lb(7.84%)
Glad your feeling better Kim :).

Yeh i think you can Spangly but id double check with your LLC as mine has told me their would be no real benefit from it. To be honest it doesnt bother me its the cramps that get to me. Some days are good and some im painkillering up whenever i can.

Im going to my gp this afternoon because its 9 weeks today (haha feel like im pregnant) and my blood test has come back with borderline thyroid problems so it could be that and not down to LL. So fingers crossed they give me pills and not give me "diet change" crap.

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