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Queen of the Damned
Erm,I'm windy miller anyway when I'm on SS!! :p :eek: Probably the only time DH reckons he can get away with being so windy himself :rolleyes:
embarassing i know...but when its your TOTM..do you get
'windy'...honestly i am trumping like a flipping foghorn..

it is just me, or something that affects us girls?

Welcome to the world of windy millers...also be ready to give the golden handshake to family bags of maltesers and dont forget its easy to follow through...

Skids are us!
Ooooooooooh yes! Funnily enough, if I do a big one, it seems to relieve some of the pain!
Yep always found a little more windy at TOTM but as long as I steer clear of bars I have no trouble with wind on CD. One of the advantages.

Dizzy x
(no pun intended)

up till friday i had lost 3lbs last week. my period started on Saturday, and those 3lbs have gone straight back on..i weigh the same this monday as i did last monday!!!

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