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Hi everyone...... :)
Im regular 28 day cycle and was due on Friday....Well im still waiting!:confused: .

Ive been to the chemist and had a chat with them and they phoned (lipotrim) to see if it was common to miss a period.
Apparently some woman produced excess amounts of estrogen (or the other way around i cant remember) and it can mean there will be no period for the first month.

Any how hubby had a vasectomy 3 years ago so i "shouldnt" be pregnant (wish i was ;) ).
Anyone elses TOTM been different since starting LT?
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Mine was lighter and shorter but I didn't really associate it with the diet
Hmmmmm interesting!!


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Still Waiting too

I'm doing the Cambridge and last month i was 4days late and this month i am 5days late and still waiting

Now we are trying for a baby but its come up Negative

Could someone please tell me when i should do another test or would you say its the Diet - I'm losing around 3 pound a week



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VLCD's can affect TOTM. There can be a fluctuation in hormone levels that mean some women have their periods stop, come late, come early, or increase. Apparently once the fluctuations stabalise you'll go back to your normal pattern.