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Tough time

Hi All

I have been loosing 1 pound a week for the last 5 weeks on EE plan and i changed to a mix of Green and EE to see if this would increase my loss, however i put on 1 pound....arrrgggg!!

I am feeling a bit down about it all, i know that SW works and i need to stay positive but the last 2 days i have had really bad hungry days where all of the free food and 15 syns just isnt enough and i have eaten a Gingerbread man from Greggs and a pasta salad from Waitrose which i thought was a good choice and it turned out to be 24 syns.

I am doing a Green day today and have had the following:

B - 42g All bran -HEB
Milk - HEA

For lunch i will have Uncle bens rice (1syn), sweetcorn and tuna (HEB)

For dinner i am going to have some Beef (syns??), green beans and potatoes

I was on SW years and years ago and did Green most of the time and lost 2 and a half stone however i put that back on and more so i have at least 3 stone to loose as a start.

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Hi there dont despair, I have done SW in the past and the weight dropped off really quickly but this time it was 1lb on 1lb off for the first couple of months. I was upset and could not work out what i was doing wrong but i then started to walk more and write down my foods, and the weight started to fall off. Last week 3lb this week 2lb i now only 2lb off my stone award. Have a week of writing everything down, extra easy, red and green work you just have to keep with it. Good Luck
Hi Brunty, I only do EE so I'm not quite sure how to advise on green. But losing 1lb a week is a good steady weight loss and you shouldnt be dissapointed by that! If it works for you then maybe you should consider just doing EE?

We are all going to have hungry weeks, especially if we're stressed. I read the other day that stress can lead to major carb cravings! I had one last week and plus stress went a bit over the top and put on 3.5lbs =(. Try and draw a line under it and just carry on! (easier said than done though, me being the perfect example!). x


Lover of Extra Easy
Don't worry, you will get there!
I agree, write everything down. Sometimes we eat more than we think when not writing it down. I am very guilty of that!
Also eat lots of superfree foods and drinks lots of water.
Good luck!
Thanks, i use Body optimise on line so i write everything down every day on line which helps me realise what i am eating and totting up the syns, sometimes though it is just one of those days where you cant stop eating and you are never full...i am going to loose this week i am determined to get back on track and get rid of this weight

I forgot that i am not having lunch at home today i am going to Sainsburys with my mom so will eat in the cafe.

Does anyone have any recomendations of good things to eat on a green day in Sainsburys cafe??
Good thinking, i will see what they have got

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