tracker help please

sorry guys. i know that on here somewhere is the info that tells u how to change ur tracker but can i bloomin well find it???? no i cant

please can anyone tell me what to do.
Many thanks

Lynjo x

Hi Lynjo,

Here is the link your were looking for

You have done your tracker before so if you click on your own tracker it will bring you back to the tickerfactory and you will see your own weight and you can change it the way you want and be sure to get the new bb code and bring it back here and go to User CP first then you will see edit signature and click on it and and put your cursor on the old one in the post reply box and it will surround it with little boxes and then you click delete and it is gone and then you post your new ticker tracker in the post reply box.

if you preview post then you will see if you have the new one.

the click on save.

Love Mini xxx