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Traditional Pie and Mash

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Eating Out' started by Layla112, 12 August 2014 Social URL.

  1. Layla112

    Layla112 Member

    Hey all!
    Does anyone know what the syn value would be in a traditional Pie and Mash shop for one pie and one portion of mash? Planning to go this weekend so going to save some syns but just need to know how many..

    Any help would be great thanks!

    Layla xx
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  3. Princess_Stevie

    Princess_Stevie Gold Member

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    Hard to give an exact figure without knowing the exact restaurant / ingredients, etc. But as a rough idea, I found the following on the SW website:

    Basic, Fish & Chip Shops, Meat Pie, average each = 20 Syns
    Basic, Mashed potato, ready made, standard, per 100g = 2.5 Syns

    Baring in mind 100g is not a great deal. You could be looking at around 25-30 Syns at a minimum. Don't forget to add more Syns if you have gravy!
  4. Layla112

    Layla112 Member

    Wow that's so much !! Gonna have to be very good to allow for that many syns in one go! xx

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