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Training a cat to "go" outside.

My kitten is coming up for six months, which means we're getting her spayed soon, so she'll be allowed out all the time.

The next issue is trying to train her to stop using the litter box and go outside instead. The problem is, I have no idea how to go about it!

Any tips?

This is her by the way :) :

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She's a cutie!!

I dn't think you can "train" them as such - once they are out all the time they just find other places to go - its more convenient than having to run back to the house to go!!

Once mine were out though I still kept a litter tray in the house just in case, and occasionally they still use it. Mind you - I keep mine in at night so I would need it then anyway (my first cat - who looked just like your kitten actually! got ran over and killed one night so I keep these two indoors overnight to keep them out of mischief)

Good luck - is she going out at all now? I couldn't keep mine in after they were about 4 months they used to sit in ambush then run through my legs as soon as the door opened!!

Carol x
Ahhhhhhhhhhhh she's lovely.

Bit by bit I'd put extra dirt in the cat litter box and mix it with the cat litter. Then once they were using that I'd put cat litter on the garden where I wanted them to go - and they soon got the hang of it!

Good luck!
Thank you both. :)

Carolanski: She goes out a little, but she seems to think shes a dog in the fact that she loves following me around. I'll go out and she'll come with me, but if I go back inside and try and leave her outside, she doesn't like it. Same as when I go out and leave her inside. x)
put the litter tray nearer and nearer to the back door then eventually in the garden and then remove alltogether but as someone else said once they are out they tend to find places to go,good luck x
awww shes adorable! i have 3 myself, and its more of natural instinct but in some cases like with my Glamorous she liked to do her business on my carpet, thankfully she now goes outside LOL! but i did put the litter tray outside, and that did the trick, but normally they'll no to go outside and dig in the dirt as they would with the litter.

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