Training Kettering 21st Jan (Wed)


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Hi Guys

I'm doing the counsellor training on 21st in Kettering, and I'm based up in Durham.

I'll be travelling down on the morning and back on the evening, and was just wondering if there was anyone else from up this travelling down there who would be interested in car sharing and splitting fuel costs.

Feel free to post or PM me if there is anyone!


Stacey :D
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I am off tomorrow to Kettering for the training and similarly was hoping to car share! My email is down also but mobile on at the ready if anyone out there? im from nottinghamshire
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I'd really urge you to consider going by train if you want to go there and back in the same day - I found driving back to Devon afterwards quite tiring and that was with me staying there the night before!! It's a super day, enjoy! :)