Travel & work - how to cope on VLCD while abroad?


I'm on LL and have about a stone to go still. I really really really want to lose this final stone.
However, I have a job that requires me to travel. For the next two months, I'm abroad a lot. I have to travel within Europe, the USA and Asia. My friends and colleagues aren't supportive as they envy me the job (to them it sounds more glamourous than it is, I actually work very hard, have huge stress and can't wait to leave but that's not how my friends see it).
I'm really scared that this will derail my weightloss. The boredom factor when stuck in hotels alone, missing my husband, going to lots of business dinners, etc etc all make me want to eat - I've done these trips before and failed. I was relatively successful once - I had two packs a day plus a protein lunch which meant I could have the business lunches and not look too weird. But generally I've fallen off the wagon and then it takes me ages to get back on.
Any tips for staying on course while away? - I'm terrified of regaining weight and with 2 months travelling I could regain loads if I fall off the wagon.
Thanks for any help you can offer weak-willed me!
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The Diet Guy
You aren't weak willed at all, life does get in the way on these diets and I am the first to agree they aren't exactly the most social diets to be on.

Personally I would recommend a "with food" programme such as the Cambridge 790 or 1000, now I realise LL don't do it that way but I think if you can replace breakfast and lunch with a pack and then have a good protein based evening meal and a pack before bed then you will be absoluitely fine.



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do you have internet access whilst you are away?

Sorry I doon't have any better help but I think if you could even log in here every couple of days we'd try and help you!