Trawling the Charity SHops

Blonde Logic

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Ooops I did it again..... :D

WHat a great Saturday! I woke early with my OH as he had to work. I then walked to the gym. I tested out my new legs and even jogged part of the way! Then on the treadmill jogged for 7 minutes!!!!!!!!!! This is a HUGE accomplishment for me!! lol

I then did a Core Strength class that was an hour and it was GREAT! I really enjoyed was kind of like Pilates.

After that, I came home and then walked into town and did some shopping.

Came home with three FULL bags of 'new' clothes from the chairty shops. Scored again!!! Got some BEAUTIFUL things! Really great stuff!!! I am going to tidy up my bedroom soon and make room for the new stuff and then play dress up!

THen tonight, dinner and a movie with my fella.

Its sunny - cold - bright and I am feeling so good!

I hope everyone is having just as nice a day!!

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hey you have done so well. Your pics are amazing!!


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Hi BL, I'm going to the charity shops when I've lost a bit more weight. Doesn't seem right paying full price for clothes when they will be too big in a matter of weeks.


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You know I never thought of charity shopping while losing the weight! Great idea!

I've got all family and friends to get me vouchers for once I've got to my goal size - but for in-between its a great plan!

Glad you had a nice day :D


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Date !!

Don't forget we've got a date to do the same in January. I've nabbed some bargains lately too.
Let's hope there is some good stuff for us then.
Can't wait for the pics. xxx