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Treadmill or exercise bike?

So I have about 4 stone to lose and have decided that I need to do more exercise if I want to get the results as my meal plan really is quite healthy and I enjoy it so it is obviously lack of exercise that is meaning my weight is not shifting! At the minute I do 5x 30 min workouts a week (DVD) but have since lost interest! I really think a treadmill or bike is for me as I would be far too embarrassed to do either of these at the gym! So just Hoping someone can tell me which would be better? I am looking to do this for a couple of hours each evening whilst kids are in bed! This way I can still watch the tv in the evening but rather than sitting on my fat bum doing sod all I can be exercising! I think I prefer the idea of the bike as it will not be as noisy as the treadmill? And not as expensive! Will a couple of hours on this each evening and a healthy diet give me the weight loss I want? :)
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Healthyeater said:
Hello 14stoneto9stone

Either options is going to give your metabolism a boost so, in one way it's a question of which you prefer as that will determine if you stick to it.
Personally I usually find that I feel I work harder on a bike. The only thing a treadmill has over the bike is that you'll be doing a load bearing exercise - that is your feet will strike the ground as you jog or walk which is really good to keep bones strong and help prevent osteoporosis. You don't get that on a bike.
However, I would go with your preference and cost because it's important you stick with it.
Thankyou, just spoken to friends to see what they think and they basically said don't bother as most people end up never using them! This de motivated me a little at first but then I realised that this is up to me and just because 'most people' end up not using them doesn't mean I have too :)


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Personally I have a treadmill to get extra (very quick) walking in. I try to do most of my walking outdoors through the day which has cut down on petrol costs, and just use the treadmill for a boost.

If you are thinking bike, go with the bike. I used to have a bike but didn't get a great one and it was clunky when I rode it so it used to put me off, but I'm sure there are loads of great ones out there. As said above you are better going with your gut as you are more likely to use it.

I like how you are saying a couple of hours. You must be very fit! If not try starting a bit more gently otherwise you'll be sore for ages!

Good tip too if you don't already use MyFitnessPal.com have a go because it has tools where you can put you weight and excersise in and you can find out how many calories you've burnt. Genious!


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I have a bike (brought from argos Kirsty something or other one) and when I remember to use it, its a great tool to have! Plonk it in front of the tv and away I go during corro hehe.

I'd go with what you feel more comfortable with and know you will use more. I have to admit mine does stay in the corner alot but im hoping to get this back out now im joining SW.

Good luck with which ever you choose and go for it!!! :)


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you will burn more fat with a treadmill than bike, running is more effective.

i would advise you to join a club that does something active, motivation is something which affects majority of people in exercise. going to a club will give you some continuity, you have to make it, you dont wanna let your self or your team down etc, where as a treadmill in your house, you think forget it, il do it tomorrow.


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both are good, its just how much space you have for it. an exerise bike will take up less room than a treadmill


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I'd rather use a treadmill but can't afford one (and don't have space for one either). I have a bike though, mine was about £65 from Amazon but look out for one second-hand. Freecycle is a good option, one of the benefits of the fact that some people tend to get bored of them is that they show up on there reasonably often! :)


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if you are big, a treadmill may not be for you... I found when I first started the gym the treadmill was my demon, I ran on it (not even a lot of running either) but I was PLAUGED with injuries and pain.

I'd say go for the bike. You can burn just as much on a bike if YOU put the effort in, and you are far less likely to injure yourself.
Hi there
I am looking for some advise
I want to buy an exercise bike, but not one of the heavy ones I want a fold up one that I can move out of the lounge when guests come round.
I have looked on argos site but there is a maximum user weight of 15st.:mad:
Does anyone have one they could recommend for me I currently weigh 18st 9lb.
The idea of me getting an exercise bike is that I can use it in private, when I get down to a lower size I will be confident to use my proper bike on the road.


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Why not get a Wii Fit? It's fitness programs are brilliant and they make it fun to exercise. Plus there is loads of choice so you don't get bored just cycling or just running. It's noticeable how much fitter you are quite quickly.
Boyfriend started at 21st and he uses our exercise bike (which has magnetic resistance) and has since lost 3st - that's in just over 3 months. He spends about 30-50 minutes on it every day with the resistance whacked up high, going slow. I'd say resistance is the way to go.

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