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Treat after weigh in?

it depends!! in some cases its within my syn allowances last night it wasnt tho!! :( try not to get into that habit as i know from my own experience i dont always get away with it!!


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Never done it. I never saw the point, really. I have a treat when I feel like it not just because it was WI. I know a lot of people do, and get away with it but also know some who did and were struggling. They started losing more when they stopped.


Fighting the bulge
No no no no no!!! Bad idea!!! (unless of course it is within your syns)

The syns have to go somewhere!!!

Also a lot of people have treats when they have a good loss - associating bad food as a treat isnt a healthy association imo

Hope that helps xx


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I am a treater, or drowning my sorrows type of girl, I generally do not count WI night, which is stupid after I moan I have only lost half a pound!!

Emma xx


likes to eat!
Infact after reading everybody's reply I aren't going to do it anymore! LOL!

Becca Wecca

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I've only done it once which was easter, I was really bad! but still managed to lose 1lb by next weigh in, but don't think it's something i'll be doing it every week!!
My WI day is a friday which turns out good for me because i play darts on a friday night so it means i can go out on the night and have a couple of cheeky drinks. Up untill now it doesnt seem to have done me any harm because i am always straight back on the plan the following day.
I suppose it comes down to whether if you gained the following wi day that you would blame the treat that you had.
I dont tend to syn that much so it kind of balances itself out during the week anyway.

Minzi xx
I think the dangerous part here is the word 'treat'. Like Malaika says, this plan allows syns for non-free food so chocoltae, etc is allowed.

Looking at things as being on or off SW, or calling going over syns as a treat, you are not treating this as a lifestyle change, but just a quick fix


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I'll confess, I usually do go off plan on a tues ater weigh in til bed time (usually just an hour or two) and have a takeawayand extra choc or ice cream. So far, this has actually improved my losses!
I must admit when i did slimming world years ago my treat after weigh in was a kebab...no pitta just meat and salad...:eek:
Now i just eat what im allowed but have some wine. Its been ok so far !
I used to go mad every wed, eat whatever i want.. always a takeaway and anything else i fansyed on top.. usually topping over 200 syns before my 'slimming' week had even started..

i now cook a treat, somthing i really look forward too and plan my desserts carefully.. i never go over 40 now and its deffinatly benifiting my loss.. and im more comfortable to enjoy more syns during the week.. rather than trying to have 0 syns everyday because of my weekly binges!
I have done this a couple of times, but as my backside is planted firmly on the naughty stair after last week I came home from weigh in and stuck firmly to plan, no treats for me this week!

Wacky Jacky

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I know a lot of people at my group tend to think that anything they eat after weigh-in somehow escapes in "no-man's land", and are invisible to everyone, even the scales .... lol .... some get away with it and others definitely don't! ...... I personally haven't tried it! lol

I used to get really annoyed if I stayed the same or put weight ON at weigh-in .... that's when I would kinda "pig out" and go home via the chippie, kebab shop for chinese! I'd get right back to basics next day though, and USUALLY I'd get away with that ..... somehow!

What I DO tend to do though, is to give myself a "treat" when I lose .... I treat myself to a new lippy, or eyeliner, or if I've got a bit of extra cash, maybe a new top or go for a tan stand, or go to the hairdressers, get a manicure, something just for me! .... much nicer treats! Definitely SYN FREE!!!!!
I treat myself but on plan. I might blow all my 15 syns on a chocolate bar or cook a huge extra easy meal. This usually includes SW chips and last night I had SW quiche with it. The most naughty thing I do is not always have all of my third superfree. My main treat is on a Saturday night when I have a good drink with syns saved up from the week.
I'm a treater I don't go mad like I did last time but generally I have the day off from counting on wi but I've been doing sw that long that I know what syns are in most of the things I eat.
If I've been craving something all week I eat it on sat. so all week I tell myself If I resit it I can have it sat and sat night I used to have take away now I make my own.
I know I won't get away with it forever and I'm prepared to stop it if I start to struggle.
WOW thanks for all the replies! I'm a newbie here and I didnt think I would get any:eek:
Thats all really helpfull thanks, I think I will treat myself to some makeup if I do well next week, what a great idea Wacky Jacky!

Also is it ok to save syns up for a special occasion as long as you dont go to mad?

Thanks again everyone
You could do it one of to ways hun u could save your syns or have a flexi day which is bascially you allow a set amount of syns say 30 and count backwards as you have them that way you stay in control.
The other way I guess and is to enjoy yourself but not go mad and expect a gain but thats ok if you get straight back to it and don't let it ruin things for you.
I never treat, i think it helps that my wi is on a lunch time, so i just go back to my normal day. tbh i'm usually really motivated after image therapy that i think if i left and went off plan it would throw me for the entire week!

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