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Treat time : most likey to break the diet ....

Wondered what you all think about this little article I fould in the Daily Mail..

Treat time: We're most likely to tuck into junk food at 3.23pm | Mail Online

I have heard many times that the mid afternoon munchies are the hardest to resist, and 3pm is the time when we're statistically most likely to break the diet and fall off the wagon! I reckon, certainly for me anyway, that there is definitely some truth in this. Probably due to the fact my lovely lunch has digested and then the inevetable mid afternoon slump can follow!

What do you reckon? Anyone else suffer the mid afternoon munchies?! xxxxx
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I do, specially cos the older two are back from school and want a snack before tea. I've found the trick is to have superfree foods at hand


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this is true for me, i take the dog out for his second walk, and when i come back have to stop meself from picking:D
Used to before SW. Now I don't eat bread I don't have the sleepies late afternoon that I would always try and combat with a chocolate bar or five.


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I'm safe then as I'm in work and access to food is limited. :p

My danger period is from when I get home (5.45pm) until supper is ready. I am starving by that time and likely to cram anything down my neck if the wrong mood takes me. :break_diet:


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I'm the same as Medusa, limited in work (plus refusal to hand back my hard earned cash to overpriced staff canteen or vending machine!!) but when I get in from work between 5 and 7 I could eat anything! If left unchecked the automatic option would always be toast. As it is I usually make a cup of tea, get dinner going if its not already on and wait until its cooked!

I think Kingleds point about what you have for lunch is so true, pre SW sarnies would cause mid afternoon slump whereas now my SW quiche or salad gives me a slow release for several hours. Clever stuff this food!!!


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This made me laugh as I've got the day off and that was probably the exact time I had a cup of coffee and a piece of DH's birthday cake! His birthday was last Wednesday and this was the first time I gave in to the cake calling me!

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I usually save my HexA milk allowance for a latte or a hot chocolate using cadbury's highlights (2 syns) and this usually keeps me full until dinner time. Fruit & tea is another snack of choice for me as it keeps me full in between meals :)


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I usually work til 6, no access to food, my worst is between getting home and eating dinner. If I'm offered take-away at that time it's a nightmare to resist.


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I regularly have a piece of scan bran cake or a Alpen Light with a cup of tea at 3.30

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