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You either do SS or you don't.

The treat is the amazing weight and fat losses you get on CD.
I wouldn't, how about... once a week you treat yourself to a glass of diet coke? My CDC said that was fine ?
No not diet coke, not even coke zero .

See plenty of advise already given about these devil drinks by IceMoose


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ok was only asking :)
i won't do... just seeing if anyone did :)


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I wouldnt say a night off as such.. But.. regarding the diet coke.. (well coke zero)..

CD have brought in recent guidelines saying No drinks to be drunk (lol).. except for tea (of any leafy variety) coffee (black.. or with a yummy tetra in).. or water.. (still or sparkling with or without the water flavourings).. BUT.. I do have a sneaky glass of coke zero..
the thing is with this diet.. is whatever works best for you.. if you feel like it was help you keep to it.. and be a good reward for your week for being so good.. then go for it.. CDCs will have to tell you that you cant.. as if they didnt.. they wouldnt be doing their job.. and as everyone is different.. coke zero could make some people hungry therefore more likely to cheat.. if you know what i mean.. Better to have a can of coke zero than a bar of chocolate (unfortunitly).. lol..
Beautiful pic on your sig btw..

Cat x x x


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I'm with Kitteh on this

Do what's right for you! I have coke zero a couple of times a week, and I enjoy it, and look forward to it.

Good luck!!


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thanks you two :D xx


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ive also had diet coke from the second week, usually about 4 a week and its never affected my losses, but i know we are all different, but i agree its best to have a diet coke than a bar of choc or something really silly

Good luck


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I had diet coke throughout my time on the Cambridge and it didn't affect my losses at all, apparently the cotric acid in it affects some people and not others. I also allowed myself a treat once a week, but only some prawns or chicken and again it didn't affect my losses at all.

I no longer do Cambridge as I have IBS and it was affecting it badly, but for me if looking forward to a few prawns and a diet coke made me stick to it better, I was up for that- better than fish&chips and a vodka eh?

Take Care

Stacie x
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Yes..no food treats for me either..although have the odd coke Zero..about 2/3 a week and I find it doesn't affect me.


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I'm the same. I usually have 2/3 coke zeros a week. I see it as my treat on a Fri & Sat night.

Just be careful of treats even having the mindset of treats can lead to other things, and if you have a stay the same week or a low loss week you might feel it easier to give into temptation if you have a routine of treats

Its just some to keep in mind, best of luck with your weight loss journey....
I have had a treat at 1stone then again at 2 stone, my daughter had a treat everyweek and now finds it difficult to get back onto it. So best advise dont!!!
The only thing I have which is not strictly part of the diet is the odd (once a week?) mug of weak Marigold vegetable bouillon when I need something really savory. That does the trick and as far as I know, wont effect losses.


Step away from the chips!
I'm also of the mindset that it may be better to go for a non-food treat as a reward. It breaks that cycle of eating for reward that for many of us got us into this situation in the first instance.
My other half is buying plants for my garden for me - mightn't float everyones boat but its a little inexpensive incentive that makes me happy and feel rewarded without involving putting food in my mouth, the very habit i need to break.


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I used to on WW - everyone did but not on this diet!

Thing is the cravings will be so bad the next day and you'll knock yourself out of ketosis.


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Some words of warning ladies and gents. I was doing really well, sticking to the diet and getting great losses. Then I went to my parents for the weekend and decided I would have a treat. Everything fell apart. I ended up messing around for 2 weeks and putting on 6lbs.

So whilst i agree everyone is different, for me having a treat led to disaster.

I am back on the wagon now but just beware!!!!

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