Trials and Tribulations of "Trying to be Good"

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  1. Katie-Belle

    Katie-Belle Member

    Hi there :)

    I'm Katie and I'm a recent college graduate working as a support worker in a residential home! This time last year I was two stone lighter :)cry:) but between finishing college, starting a job that involves a lot of food and living with my then boyfriend I piled on weight. I previously weighed the same as I do now which is just over 12 stone and I lost the weight following Weight Watchers and kept it off for a year by eating moderately healthy and going for lots of walks but it has all crept back on!

    I'm recently after going through a break up and I've decided the comfort eating has to stop now and I need to lose weight for me, nobody else, and feel comfortable in my skin again! I'm fed up looking big in all my clothes :sigh:

    Anyway enough moaning ;) I'll be logging my food and how I'm managing "trying to be good" on this diary. I was going to start Slimming World as it appeals to me a bit more but I found in the past I lost weight quite fast with WW so giving it another go!

    My short term goal is to loose a stone in six weeks and get down to 11.5. I'm a complete foodie and not a big fan of exercise (although I wish I was!) so this should be interesting :eek:
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  3. Katie-Belle

    Katie-Belle Member

    Day 1 Week 1

    Breakfast- Two boiled eggs (4) One slice of brown bread (2) Low fat butter (1)

    Snack- Grapes (f)

    Lunch- Lidl vegetable soup (4)

    Snack- Blueberries and strawberries (f)

    Dinner- Pasta (7) Egg (2) Mushrooms (f) Onion (f) Garlic (f) Light cream cheese (2) Parmesan (3) Bacon (3)

    Total: 29/30 daily points
    Weekly used: 0/49

    Day one over! I was starving in work all day so kept picking at fruit. Pasta Carbonara was on the menu in work so I tried to keep the points as low as possible for it and made sure I saved enough throughout the day. I'm feeling better already that I'm doing something about my weight gain. My biggest downfall when I'm trying to loose weight is generally that I'm good for a few days then I have some friends over for drinks etc and just go completely overboard. That would be ok sometimes but following that I can never get back on track the next day. Maybe logging everything on here might help that habit!
  4. Katie-Belle

    Katie-Belle Member

    Saturday night is takeaway night in work. I know I have my weeklies but I'm planning to resist and save my weeklies for later in the week. I'll see how I go points wise today and decide what to have for dinner later!
  5. Laurenm10

    Laurenm10 Full Member

    here to follow :) x
  6. Katie-Belle

    Katie-Belle Member

    Thanks Hun :) x
  7. Katie-Belle

    Katie-Belle Member

    Day 2 Week 1

    Breakfast- Two potato waffles (5) with a few spoons of baked beans (2)

    Snack- Strawberries (0) banana (0)

    Lunch- One slice of brown bread (2) with tikka chicken (2) light mayo (1) lettuce (0) and tomato (0)

    Snack- Ice Burger (5) Apple (0)

    Dinner- Egg (2) grilled bacon (4) mushrooms (0) grilled tomato (0) beans (3)

    Snack- Two small pieces of battered chicken (4)...sampled from a chinese takeaway!

    Total: 30/30 daily points
    0/49 weeklies used so far

    I was pretty happy with today! I'm getting used to filling up on fruit. Also have been having pepsi max or coke zero if I have any sugar cravings. I was delighted to find out Ice Burgers are only 5 points I really enjoyed mine as a treat and can't believe I didn't need to dip into my weeklies. I resisted takeaway in work (apart from a little sample of chicken) and made a mixed grill which filled me up.
    I haven't been pointing milk in my tea, I don't take a huge amount but I'm sure it all adds up. I'll just make sure I have a few weeklies left over at the end of every week to cover this plus any mistakes I might have made with pointing! I have a great app on my phone which scans the barcodes of foods and tells you the pro points it's really been helping me!
    Working a third 12 hour shift tomorrow so just need to keep on going being good with food because I have no time to exercise. I got a walk in today but it wasn't very long! I'm being mindful not to make the mistake I made last time with WW which was use too many points for breakfast and be struggling the rest of the day. I'm trying to only have one slice of bread or one egg etc and fill up on fruit! :)
  8. Katie-Belle

    Katie-Belle Member

    Day 3 Week 1

    Breakfast- Two boiled eggs (4) One slice brown bread (2) Low fat butter (1)

    Snack- Orange (0)

    Lunch- Open prawn sandwich (8)

    Snack- Ice Burger (5) Small packet of Skips (2)

    Dinner- Two chicken nuggets (3) Three mini pizzas (5) Spoon of light mayo (1)

    Total: 33/30 daily points
    3/49 weeklies used so far

    Another long day in work! Went out for lunch and still managed to behave, although the paninis and chips on the menu were very tempting :eat:
    Had a nice treat of (another!) Ice Burger and some skips. I also found out that Snickers Ice Cream bars (which I love!!!) are only 6 points, I'll have to remember that next time I want a treat. Feeling good but very tired. I think my appetite is starting to shrink a bit because I didn't feel as hungry today as the past two days.
    I'm glad I have only used three weeklies so far because I'm saving them for a few glasses of wine during the week! Have a day off tomorrow so will stock up on some good food :)
  9. georgina2930

    georgina2930 Silver Member

    Here to follow hun can i ask please whats a ice burger x

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  10. Katie-Belle

    Katie-Belle Member

  11. Katie-Belle

    Katie-Belle Member

    Day 3 Week 1

    Breakfast- None! Had a lie in instead :)

    Lunch- Two slices of low GI bread (4) low fat butter (1) ham (1) mayo (1) reduced fat cheese (2) mixed leaves (0)

    Snack- Small chocolate bar from Aldi (3) Strawberries (0)

    Dinner- McChicken Sandwich with cheese (12) Medium fries (9) Diet coke (0)

    Total: 33/30 daily points
    6/49 weeklies used

    Finally a day off work! Had a nice day with my brothers and treated us all to a McDonalds. Amazed I didn't go over my points more than I did :) In work the next 5 days so will have to plan ahead with meals and not slack off just because I'm tired. Starting to look forward to WI Friday, it's been a long time since I stuck to something for more than a day or two :)
  12. maggied1985

    maggied1985 New Member

    Following :)
    Maggie x

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  13. Charl27

    Charl27 Full Member

    Here to subscribe lovely :) hope it's all going well! X x
  14. georgina2930

    georgina2930 Silver Member

    Food lookes lovely i carnt see the pic but thanks for tryon to share x

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  15. Katie-Belle

    Katie-Belle Member

    Thanks everyone who's following! Delighted someone is reading my posts :) I'm meeting a friend for dinner tonight, I looked up the menu online and they have healthy options with the calories beside them! One of the starters is only 1 point :D so I'm really looking forward to it because I hate going out for a meal and trying to guess points. I may treat myself to one glass of wine too! Il make sure to take photos of my healthy options :)
  16. BoS83

    BoS83 Gold Member

    Hey hon,
    Sorry to hear about your break up but you're being very productive about your weight. I worked in residential for 7 years.... Every thing you've said, I did aswel. Down to trying to avoid the Saturday night takeaway (is it every residential home in Ireland! ;) ), but picking at a small bit of somebodies.
    The long hours are hard but preparation is the key. I used to look up the menu for the week, make sure I could eat what was on, or at least adjust it to suit me or as a very last resort bring something in.
    You're doing really well with your points. Do you find you're full after breakfast? I don't eat much at breakfast and I know it's because I'm afraid i'll run out by the end of the day but I'm wondering if I was fuller in am, would I pick less at night....

    Are you going to class or just doing it from home?
    Where you going for dinner tonight?
    And what's that app to scan barcodes-sounds amazing! :)

    Sorry for all questions. Looking forward to seeing your journey.
  17. Katie-Belle

    Katie-Belle Member

    Hey Brona thanks for your post :) I find I am full after my breakfast but only if I drink loads of water and maybe have a snack of some fruit. I think after a couple of days u start to get used to the smaller breakfasts. I'm doing WW from home because I work different shifts every week so I wouldn't be able to pick a night to go to classes! The app is amazing it's helping me so much it's called Value Diary I think it cost about 2.50. Dinner tonight will either be a starter of a melon salad or prawn cocktail and main course of chicken fajitas, I can't wait it's Tenors restaurant in Naas :)
  18. Katie-Belle

    Katie-Belle Member

    Ok so last night didn't go as smoothly as planned! The place we went to had changed ownership and they no longer had the healthy options with the calories beside them. Also they were doing a special menu of 3 courses that worked out a lot cheaper so myself and my friend got that! I tried my best and avoided the chips that I was dying to get :innocent0002:
  19. Katie-Belle

    Katie-Belle Member

    Day 4 Week 1

    Breakfast- Two boiled eggs (4) Slice of low GI bread (2) low fat butter (1) Grapefruit (0)

    Lunch- Two slices low GI bread (4) Ham (1) Salad leaves (0) Mayo (1) Reduced Fat Cheese (3)

    Snack- Mikado biscuits (1)

    Dinner- Chicken wings with tiny bit of blue cheese dip (14) Chicken and veg pasta with creamy pesto sauce (15)
    One glass Rose wine (4)

    Dessert- Almost half a banoffi sundae (6)

    Snack- Sneaky small bar of chocolate (before I went to bed) (3)

    Total: 59/30 daily points
    35/49 Weeklies used
    Last edited: 9 July 2014
  20. Katie-Belle

    Katie-Belle Member

    Even though I used a lot of points yesterday I'm still quite proud of myself! Generally if I'm "trying to be good" I go out for dinner, see things I like on the menu that are generally deep fried and full of calories and I tell myself I'll just have the evening off and try again tomorrow. That didn't happen last night, I just ate normally and didn't even feel the need to finish my main or my dessert. I'm concious that I have barely any weeklies left and I'm meant to be meeting friends again tonight but I'll just keep tracking and see how it goes!

    Also I may have under or over estimated my meal out but I gave it my best guess!
  21. georgina2930

    georgina2930 Silver Member

    Well done on resistin hun and a bigger well done on the one stick of chocolate i would of scoffed the lot hehe x

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