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Trigger occurences

Thornhill Cate

50+ and fabulous
I won't go into all the details as it will be TMI but, suffice it to say, I have just spent the last two and a half hours cleaning up puke, showering son, washing clothes, (including a pair of size 16 white jeans which I wore for the very first time today!!!), cleaning up more puke, re-showering son, washing more clothes, cleaning sofa, scrubbing carpets, washing bathroom floor, cleaning bath etc. How does so much sick come out of such a small person??? Son is now asleep next to me on the sofa and, had this happened prior to me starting LT I would by now be on the wine, accompanied by some sort of combination of chocolate, biscuits, cheese and crackers, bread and pate, cakes, crisps and dips, depending on what was in the house, as a 'reward' for the past two and a half hours. I would have turned to food to comfort myself for what's just happened and would probably have grazed until bedtime to make myself feel better. And in the morning I'd have felt like sh*t and totally peed off with myself. Tonight though, although I would KILL for a glass of dry white right now, I am in no danger of turning to food. Fortunately I still have a shake to look forward to as all this started just as I was thinking about having my last shake of the day. Just one more situation where I would have used food to carry me through for absolutely no reason whatsoever.

NB. Size 16s!!!! Yay!!!! And I was 189lbs on my scales this morning - under 190lbs!!! So happy. Seems like 5 minutes ago I was celebrating being under 200lbs. Under 180lbs here I come!!
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aahh, well booooo on the puke :( and YaaaaaaY on the jeans eh!!! :) :)

I am like you, anything could be an excuse for picking naughties...!! Stress, excitement, OH being romantic, kids playing me up, kids being super nice and I am happy..... ;) I could go on.... ha ha!!!!

I am just about to slope off to bed, due my last shake to fill me up before bed and tmw is a new day... right now I am doing great!!

Hope your little boy is better soon :( Puking sucks doesnt it and it makes SOOO much mess!!
Well done for sticking through it. Im sorry your son is ill :( My wee girl was full of flu last week. Not pretty and awful for them too.


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Well done cate! My daughter has had a sickness bug for 48 hours, she's just getting over it. Me on the other hand, my guts r churning, got the squits n can't sleep :-( I hope it passes u by!
I think you deserve a medal after cleaning up all that not a dry white! I know just what you mean about our crazy reward systems. I'm scared of dentists and always rewarded myself afterwards with lots of sugary snacks. Doh! Your habit is to relax with a calming, well-deserved glass of wine. I don't drink (alcoholic mother put me off!) but my habit was chocolate, crisps or ice-cream! I suppose our bodies are expecting that reward and reminding us painfully!

You've got other, better rewards now like fitting into those white jeans! That must feel fantastic, Cate. I'm going to add a picture of white jeans to my ever-increasing dream board! :D

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