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Trolly lady!!

what do you do when the trolly lady walks around your office with all her goodies??

a) run, hide, go to the loo, phone a friend then kick yourself because actually you really wanted something

b) find a low syn item like quavers, 2 finger kitkat or something

c) talk to her tell her what sort of low syn things you would like to see more of on the trolley (alpen bars, fruit salad maybe)

d) buy what you fancy flexi syn it

e) buy what you want and share it so your halving the syns!!

feel free to add more!!:p
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We dont have a trolly lady but we have a draw full of goodies from Asda (next door) pies, cakes, jaffa cakes and now it has bananas and apples but they seem to last a lot longer than the yummy things !


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We don't have a trolley lady but we have a vending machine and the cooplands van visits everyday, very hard to resist but I manage to


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Dont have one thank goodness.

Just get a piece of fruit out of your desk drawer then smile smugly

Mrs V

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I have access to 2 vending machines, a cafe and a canteen, plus a garage shop just up the road.
I just avoid it all...you have to be strong and take things with you that you know you can eat so there is no temptation.
What would you rather more....a choc bar, crisps or something else laden with syns, or to be at target?



Not evil at all
I wish we had a trolley lady with goodies for us! My office is kind of out of the way so the nearest shop is about 15mins walk away, no vending machine or goodies kept in the office so anything I eat at work was brought in by myself and is 100% SW friendly. I occasionally get offered Maccie D's, Greggs, biscuits etc if someone brings them in or is driving to the shops for lunch but I never bring enough money to get anything so I can't give in when they ask! Usually stuff people bring in is like 5 syn biscuit cake bars etc so I'm not breaking the syn bank if I do have one :)


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Our Coffee shop as just reopened for the Season, and its a total nightmare - the smell of them cooking onions for the hotdogs is to die for..... and their menu is things like

Chips with gravy/curry/cheese
bacon butties
Fried egg butties
Sausage Butties
hotdogs etc......

are you following me....

and i shouted at my boss yesterday for walking into my office with a place of chips coverd in salt and vinger. And there was me with a chicken salad.....

don;t know how long i can resist. :rolleyes::rolleyes:


Trying again!!
We used to have one but she always had Muller lights and fruit on the trolley - she doesn't come anymore but there are always cakes biscuits flapjacks chocolates etc in the office which 99.99% of the time I manage to resist. I always make sure I have fruit and SW friendly things in my desk so that i'm not actually hungry and therefore tempted..............................................but if we're talking about the weekend that's a whole different matter lol!


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I want a trolley lady! Instead I have a hot unit full of pastries next to me and a boss that gives me presents of mini bottles of vodka (at home-time, not during work lol)


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At least vodkas got no fat in it lol
We have a trolley lady, she comes in twice a day, about 9.30 and 2pm, she comes down the room and always stops the trolley right next to my desk, they never have anything healthy.
In the morning its worse as she has a big hot bag full of bacon/sausage and egg on toast, and I can smell it, the toast is always white and covered in butter so it would be way too many syns.
Latley I have been skint so I haven't had to muster the will power not to buy anything, but sometimes I sit there trying to talk myself out of it.
Sometimes in the afternoon I buy quavers or french fries, but I don't really like to do that as I always wish I'd have saved those syns when I get home.
Dredded trolley ladies!
I want a trolley lady! Instead I have a hot unit full of pastries next to me and a boss that gives me presents of mini bottles of vodka (at home-time, not during work lol)

free vodkaa! me want!!:flirt2: my boss buys us haribo's i mean what are we? like 10 yrs old??:sigh:

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