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try try and try again

i was supposed to meet my new cdc last night and did she turn up? did she buggery, BUT she did call me and say she couldnt make it but she could make NEXT tuesday because of easter, fair enough i suppose..:sigh:

So im now going to do a 'prep' week cut down on calories and i might do the slimfast thing for a week while im waiting to see her.. see what happens..

on a good note though.... when i started i was a size 18...:eek: and ive just put my jeans on and there a LOOSE yes LOOSE size 16.. ;)

yey me, im getting there SLOWLY!

I heard from cd head office and there looking into my old cdc's conduct and there going to let me no...

anyway off to scout the new posts ive not really been on much yesteday!
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gosh you have had a really hard time with CDC's, hope you get it sorted out.

You can do this, and well done on the loose jeans :D :D

Good luck!

Theresa x
hey can you just low carb just eat meat fish and eggs abit of salad and veg till you get to see her? that way you will stay in ketosis and still lose weight.. ?
Im with amethyst here - slimfast is sugary :)

Good luck with the new CDC and WOOHOO about the jeans xxxx
thanks girls...

i didnt know that about slimfast.. think i'll stick to the low carb thing then.. have to have a look on tinternet!
Good on you Sarah for staying so positive. You will get there;)
all you eat is meat (including bacon) 100% beef burgers (i used to make my own out of mince meat and eggs), (some sausages) fish and eggs no carbs in that lot!! and you can have some cheese too.. and full fat mayo has hardly any carbs in too (low fat has more) a little salad and veg (stay away from carrots high in carbs)

i used to make myself a no carb sandwich:

lettuce chicken mayo then lettuce..

and drink plenty of water!!

boil some eggs aswell to have as a snack (no more than 5 a week) can buy some low carb bars too for a snack..

will keep you in ketosis and prob give your body a good kick start too..
Great news about the jeans! let us know if you hear back about your old CDC. And good luck with the no carbs thing! xx
Is it me but before i came on CDC the thought of eating the food the atkins required repulsed me...now it sounds positively delicious and when i do go through the stages and come off the diet properly(as supposed to a binge when im cheating lol) i dont think ill struggle keeping a low carb lifestyle to keep the weight off!


Likes being a girly girl
Hey Congrats on the baggy jeans hun! :D

Hope you do get it all sorted out soon with a CDC!

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