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Extra Easy Trying 2 Beat Bread

Evening all SW,

I'm a bread a holic, I'm trying to cut out my bread I have in the evening, even tho it's 1 slice of Nimble Wholemeal, which I count as syns cause I have my breakfast as my HXB.
Any tips wud be great, I love a cup tea in evening and I always go for the Nimble, wud love not too.

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I've cut bread out, and reduced lots of my carby stuff with more lean protein and veggies / fruit. I thought I'd get hungry quicker, but it doesn't seem to have worked like that.

I do sometimes have some ryvita though - esp with mackerel in tomato sauce on top.

What do you usually have your bread with? That might help up think of some suggestions or you.
I normally only have bread in evening with a cuppa, I only toast it, with very little butter or laughing cow lighter. I would love to try cut that out, just to see how I get on.
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Hi there,

I was a breadaholic, but since joining sw 3 weeks ago I've given it up completely and never felt better - nor am I missing it. I usually leave my syns (half at least) for the evening and have something else I really enjoy like solero ice-cream or packet of crisps and make it last as long as I can.
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If you enjoy it then why cut it out? That's what your syns are there for and it's a darned sight healthier than lots of other things you could be having. Not having it will not improve your losses.

kerry b

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How about some ryvita with cream cheese or even a bag of crisps depending on how many syns you have. Digestives are nice with cheese as well
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I miss bread. Really miss bread. Huge baguettes stuffed with brie and grapes. Foccacias. Nan bread. All bread.

Having said that, I'm doing well keeping away from it and only using my HEBs for wholemeal toast.

Not liking it tho!
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I went cold turkey on bread, I can't stop after one slice so well done for your will power!

Unfortunately that also means I've stopped baking it much to my family's disappointment! I can't resist the smell of freshly baked bread so no one gets it!

I've started buying normal sliced loaves for DH and the kids and I don't really like it so I'm safe :)
AnnaFaraday said:
If you hadn't said that, I would!! ;)
Normally i would agree, but i have recently discovered that bread is my trigger food & am now cutting it out completely as well. Its no diffrrent than a chocoholic cutting out chocolate or a wine lover cutting out wine! We all have something that makes our willpower desert us!
I lasted 1 day cutting out bread, I just can't have breakfast without it! Its within my allowance so I don't see why I should cut it out, I do miss having it with butter and marmalade but scrambled eggs and a wee bit of brown sauce is yum and more than makes up for it
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Iam also another one who has to eliminate bread from my diet, it is my trigger food and I feel soooo much better since giving it up :D However if u enjoy it and its within your allowance then why not have it ? After all slimming world is about having a little of what we fancy within limits :)

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