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  1. Wishbird007

    Wishbird007 Well-Known Member

    Hi all.
    Im back on after being awol for ages.
    Im trying Almased from tomorrow. So anyone with any advice please would be helpful.
    I am thinking of doing 2 shakes n a meal from the start, not sure if i will still lose weight??

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  3. Wishbird007

    Wishbird007 Well-Known Member

    Right day 1
    Ive decided to start 2 shakes and a meal in the hope that it wont be so hard.
    Just mixed my shakes, not very flavoursome but i need to try it.
    My lovely hubby made me a coffee but i had to refuse n go n make myself lemon n hot water instead.
    I have a shaker with one shake n a drinks bottle with my other in the fridge ready to go.
    My starting weight is 12st 13lb.
    I can do this x

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  4. Wishbird007

    Wishbird007 Well-Known Member

    Almased tastes awful. Gonna do healthy eating ;-(

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  5. thelifeofpieface

    thelifeofpieface Well-Known Member

    Good luck :) xx
  6. Wishbird007

    Wishbird007 Well-Known Member

    Thank u x

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  7. Wishbird007

    Wishbird007 Well-Known Member

    Well today didnt go as i wanted.
    Had the almased shake for breakfast n tbh its dreadful like drinking wallpaper paste! I was annoyed cos id hot in ready for it, i bought shakerz n drink bottles. Had hot lemon first thing, then that n i had a few polo mints n 2 black coffees wuth sweetner cos if i dont i will get a headache.
    I had a side salad n half a vegan mozzerella/tomato pesto foccaccia n lots of water. Tea was chicken rissotto.

    Tomorrow is another day.
    I don't know how i can make them taste nicer without putting a load fruit in??!! Grr

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  8. thelifeofpieface

    thelifeofpieface Well-Known Member

    Never tried almaseed before , so can't help with that sorry :(
    Hot water and lemon is great though! I drink loads of it in the morning :) xx
  9. Wishbird007

    Wishbird007 Well-Known Member

    Thanks love.

    Had a better day, felt healthy.

    Strawberry slimfast shake

    Asda piri piri chicken n wholewheat pasta salad with 2 eggs

    Raw carrot, ski lemon mousse, kiwi,melon,strawberry fruit pot, smoky bacon oddities

    Sausage, mash, carrots n onion gravy

    Loads of water, 4 black coffees n no sugar squash

    Feel better already.
    Cutting put bread n nearly all dairy ;-) and taking 700mg raspberry keetones.

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  10. thelifeofpieface

    thelifeofpieface Well-Known Member

    Cutting out bread / wheat really makes a difference doesn't it ? x
  11. Wishbird007

    Wishbird007 Well-Known Member

    Mini choc chip weetabix n milk

    Chicken piri piri n wheat pasta salad 345cals

    Chicken kiev, broccoli, carrots, cawliflower

    Fruit pot, fruit platter - pineapple, strawberries, blueberries, melon, bacon oddities

    Lots of water, good day, feeling better for eating healthy.
    Off out tomoz on a hen meal but planned a smoked mackerel tian n a veggie main of goats cheese n cous cous but will b having wine but not too much x ;-)

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