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Trying EE!

Mrs V

Loves Life!
You wont know until you try it Hun, so give it a whirl!!!
I did it yesterday and today...went out for a meal last night and it was the easier option.
I must confess that I dont normally do EE either, but sometimes needs must! Lol
I used to be all red...then more recently I've been mostly green with the odd red and odd EE day - but I was so scared of doing EE. I was convinced I wouldn't lose.

Anyway...this week - I did 6 days EE and one green... 1½loss!! :eek: I dunno whether it's my body enjoying the shake up, that I stuck to plan with only a little booze slip at weekend...but that's a really good loss for me and I am giving partial credit to the EE :)

Don't be scared. Try it. They wouldn't have introduced the plan if it didn't work now, would they?! ;)
i always did green but got stuck in a rut and got bored so 3 weeks ago i changed to EE and loved it i have lost 4lbs on it so far. Buy the EE cook book from class its brill...

I'm on EE, it's so much easier for me, we cook from scratch most of the time anyway, but I love my meat and tatties/pasta, so love that you can have both together!
Thanks for all your replies, i no it does work as heard so many good reports. I done green yesterday and now im doing EE, so lets see how i go, im really looking forward to doing it as so much easier now.
I am trying EE today too, figure since i was new to it anyway might as well jump in with both feet!!

It sounds brilliant-when i did sw years ago that was one of tghe things ididnt like-if you had curry and rice depending which day you were on you used loads of syns either on the curry or the rice, but now it seems you dont have to and i like that idea-i imagine it makes things like carvery's easier as well


Trying again!!!
I was dubious about trying it too but I can't imagine not doing it now, it really makes life so much easier. I read in my local paper about a woman who went from a size 18 to a size 8 in 4months doing only EE ~ it does work!!xx
I've been doing EE for 20 weeks and have half a pound to go before I get my three stone sticker. It works!

OMg thats brilliant-if i could do that i would be at target by christmas!!


Extra Easy Apparently...!
I love EE! I'm doing my first green day today but will be going back on to EE on Saturday as that way i can have my own home-made chinese in front of the TV- chicken and ham fried rice, curry sauce and SW chips. Heaven!

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