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Trying on session.


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I've 2 1/2 lbs to lose to get my 2 stone, so I thought I'd look in my wardrobe to see if I could get into anything new, (well old really!) A very expensive jacket that was skin tight last winter looks wonderful now! A blouse I bought in the F&F sale and wouldn't meet now fits, likewise a dress from George but I would need majic knickers so I'll just keep losing for now! Jumpers that clung in all the wrong places fit! I've doubled the size of my wearable wardrobe! And there's a pair of denims that If I suck everything in I can do the button but not the zip! That's my motivation! So I'll look as if I have a new wardrobe, but it wont have cost anything! Weeeeeeee!:D
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I had a similar thing a few weeks ago when i was trying on some dresses for a night out. I was certain i had done it up wrong as it was gaping where last time i was bustin out of it!

Feels really good doesn't it Judi! Well done! Soon we'll be too small for all these clothes!
Yay! well done for u. I am hoping that will be me in a few months from now! :)

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Yay! Similar things have happened to me...But also I've found myself unable to wear some of my current "best" clothes. It'd be a lot more fun if I could afford new ones. ;)

Still, I'm glad I'm thinner. My boyfriend said I look "better all over" which was sweet, but also that he could "see more" of my face...:confused:. Apparently my features had previously been buried in a mass of pudge!


Bring it on!
lol i did the same day before yesterday. i can now fit into all my smallest trousers, which is great! i did however tell my husband this and then followed up swiftly with "i'll have to go shopping for new ones once these are too big" he didn't even turn a hair!


I can do this............
My other half keeps saying where have they come from thinking i have bought new ones and in fact they are the trousers from the back of the wardrobe!!
hey Judi thats fantastic, isn't it a great feeling when you can actually see and feel the difference in clothes, and as you say you now have a new wardrobe to wear for a while till they are toooo big. Enjoy the rewards.
hi there,i di just the same this a.m. i hav a pair of white trousers not been able to wear for over a year, i hav put off trying them on but i am 3lb off two stone and braved it after weigh in last nite. i got in them how fantastic does it feel !!!!!! xx


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Wtg judi aint that just brill, well if i did that i would be wearing all 90's clothes lol which infact i think i need to hide and throw away all my old clothes and all i have are vests 2 jeans and few shorts, but going vegas in oct and will get some new clothes not much tbh just enough for a good week away, dont want to waste money when i lose more hehehe i hope
Well done judi and everyone else, i have been getting sone bargains from primark but dont want to try them on yet incase they dont fit cos if they didnt i wud be so disheartened, but again well done xxxx
Fab news Judi. Isn't it just the best feeling? It feels so much more real in a way than the numbers on a scale, when you can actually see/feel the results. Hope you really enjoyed it xx :D

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