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Trying Slimming World!


Intuitive Eater
I'm not doing SW, I'm doing intuitive eating, but I've noticed that my shopping has been very "SW" lately without realising it - loads of pulses, pasta, rice, potatoes etc in my cupboards. So I am just wondering whether I could possibly do SW with what I already have in my house. I'm not committing myself but I might try it for a couple of days and see if I can get back to dieting. How much mozzarella (ordinary not low fat one) can you have as an HEB and also does it count as a HEA? Thanks for your help!
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Intuitive Eater
I think I might have a couple of questions along the way as I decide whether SW is for me. Will that be okay? Like is Tesco own brand of mixed bean salad free and if so, can I eat this cold straight from the tin? I pretty much remember most of SW from when I did it before (only Green as I'm a vegetarian) but I no longer have the books and before I commit to joining up if I enjoy this week, little questions like this might pop up. Thanks for your support!! :)
42g of moz on both hex A and hex B.

questions are very very welcome here.... :D

do you know you can have 2 hex a's now?? I did sw a few years ago and since then they added 2 hex a's for extra calcium.
so...you could have 4 LOTS OF 42G OF MOZ :eek::D:eek::D

168g !!!!!!!!!!! :D
Hey hun....keep calling me a star and i'll be your personal syns checker upper :D:D:D


Intuitive Eater
Thanks Taz. :) Do you know about Tesco own brand tinned mixed bean salad? I always thought this was free? And can it be eaten straight from the tin without heating? Most of SW has stayed in my brain after all this time, it's just the odd little thing I have doubts about!! :D

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