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Trying to catch up

Afternoon all. I've been working away from home on a project for the last 5 weeks with little internet access so I've been off the Minimins site for AGES. And there's so much to catch up on - I've been reading threads for the last 3 hours now but there's still more! I don't think I can do it - I think I'll just have to call it quits now and just make sure I keep up to date from now on ;)

The good news is that although I've been travelling on planes (I used to love airline food and airport cafes), and staying in hotels, and working with colleagues who wanted to go out eating and drinking every night (I told them at the beginning I was on a strict diet and wouldn't be joining them) - I've managed to stay abstinent for the whole time! Yippee. :) I'm very proud of myself. Never in my wildest dreams when I started this program did I think I'd be able to stick to it for a week, and now I'm just about to finish week 9 - with no lapses (yet!). Total weight loss so far (as at weigh in week 8) = 36.3lbs. Woohoo.

I can't say it's been a totally easy ride - this week for example I've been struggling with 'hunger'. I know it can't be physical hunger as I've been sticking to my 3 packs + 1 bar per day and drinking at least 4 litres of water a day, but I know that when I'm tired or stressed or trying to avoid work (!) I feel 'hungry'. Unfortunately I've been so busy with work (yes really, it's not an excuse - I've been working solidly for 18 hours a day to finish the project on time) that I haven't yet completed a thought record. This will be my goal for this weekend - to write a thought record to try and get to the thoughts at the bottom of this 'hungry' feeling.

Anyhow, just wanted to say I'm still here. Glad you're all still here too. xx
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I'm seriously impressed. I intended to be abstinent during a 3 week holiday but caved as soon as they said they were bringing dinner around on the plane. I managed a bit better during the holiday but I am sending respect vibes:party0038: for sticking to it while being confined to a small space with evryone eating around you...


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Hiya :D
I think you've made the right decision not to try and catch up on all the threads lol I was away last week and when I logged on there were 6,000+ posts, so goodness knows what it was after 5 weeks :eek:

Well done for sticking to the programme whilst you were away. You're doing great, almost halfway there, great stuff :)

Mrs Lard posted a great thread on 'how to do a thought record' sure that will be of help to you...

I'll find it and bump it up for you :D

Keep shaking :)

Here you go

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Thanks guys! :)

Now me and the OH have booked a holiday to Greece for 2 weeks - leaving on the 29th August. Oh dear - and its an all inclusive holiday. I was all for 'I'll stick to my packs during the day and have 1 small meal with you in the evening', but the OH said to me that I was either doing this program or I wasn't. I guess he's right! So whilst he's tucking into food and drink all day long, I'll be there with my water and shakes. The upside is that we've booked to learn how to dinghy sail whilst we're there, so that will take up 2 hours every morning, and the food in all inclusive resorts can get tiresome anyway, can't it. Can't it??!
Pussycat you're amazing - well done, staying abstinent in such situations is something to be very proud of, and if you've done that and come out smiling then I don't think you'll have any problem staying abstinent on holiday.

I've just come back from 4 weeks holiday where I didn't remain abstinent (whereas I had before going) - and I've piled it on! I've added at least a couple of months to the time that it's going to take me to get to my target --- I need to change my sig at some point, can't bring myself to do it just yet though :)

Thanks Cath. :)

I don't imagine many people would stay abstinent on a 4 week holiday - I certainly don't think I could. And you've done amazingly well already looking at your ticker (even if it's not updated!). Don't beat yourself up about it. It sounds like you're truly focussed on getting the weight off - and what's a couple of months for a lifetime of slimness. You can do it.

Anyway - where did you go for 4 weeks? Was it a great holiday?


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Well done on your weight loss, 36,3lbs. is fantatic in 8 weeks!!!

Your husband is right!:)

If you stick with it you will be finished and feel so happy with yourself.

It can be very hard once you break the diet to get back into it again.

Love Mini xxx
We went to America, travelled round the west coast so went to San Francisco, LA, Vegas, Yosemite, Napa Valley and back to San Francisco - was a perfect holiday, just wasn't good for my weight. Clotheswise though I can see/feel a difference in myself I haven't gone up a size and all the clothes I could wear at the beginning I can still wear now ..... though hopefully they'll be looser in a couple of weeks :)
There you go - not too much damage done. As long as you get straight back to it those clothes will be loose again in no time - and then you can buy some more new clothes :)

Thanks for the words of encouragement Mini - I'm so stubborn that I won't give him the satisfaction of giving up! (rebellious child - me? never! :D)

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