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Just had a meeting at work, and I completely felt like I was being attacked - one of my other colleagues has commented on it as well. I nearly ended up in tears - came very close.

Manager has had to pop out to take another colleague to a meeting, but I've asked her if we can have a meeting so she can tell me what it is I'm doing wrong?

Apparently I'm being negative. They've told me to be more assertive, and tell them if I feel I can't do something, and then when I do apparently I don't want to be part of the team! I'm close to tears now, and actually dreading the meeting with my manager.

I don't want to be 'pushed' out of this job like someone was a few months ago. Although I would like to change industry, it's going to be a long time before I can - and I've explained this. But apparently they're already looking for a new administrator. I just don't know what to do, I feel completely lost and confused. Yesterday ended up being a pretty good day as well - Funny how things change so suddenly.

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Oh Sparkle I'm sorry this has happened.
Try to speak to your manager and explain how you feel. Hope it goes well. Fingers crossed for you. (((HUGS)))


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Hi Sparkle

I am a great Paul Mckenna fan and I know his Instant Confidence book & CD is meant to be excellent, you can read some of the reviews on the following link and it doesn't seem to be to pricey either

It's worth a try - hope everything sorts itself out for you :) Instant Confidence (Book and CD): Books: Paul McKenna


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Hi Sparkle, so sorry to hear about your work troubles. I hope your meeting with manager goes OK, let us know how you get on?

Good luck.



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Well apparently I shouldn’t have been honest. Note to self, become a manipulative and vindictive person. You get further in life.

I was told that had it been another manager I had informed that I want to work in another industry, they would have asked me to actively look for another job and leave as soon as possible. The only reason I told them was because I turned down a promotion. They wanted to know why I was turning down the promotion, and couldn't/wouldn't accept that I didn't want to progress, so I had to be completely upfront. However I did state that it's highly likely I'll be there until the end of the year, and they don't have to worry about me leaving.

Well now every little mistake, or 'slip up' is being seen as me not being committed any more. I don't need to worry about people waiting for me to slip up, however I do need to be ultra careful that everything is perfect, because if not it will be construed as me not being committed. Well that to me means that I have to worry about people waiting for me to slip up!?

I've just been in tears for about 15 or 20 minutes, and I don't know what to do. I'm completely and utterly lost!