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trying to get head around the fact that I DONT count calories


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You count carbs not calories...I'm 23lbs lighter because low carb works so I don't stress about the why so much and just enjoy the fact that you can eat so much food :D.

Although a good place to start in understanding the science is the book because Dr Atkins explains the issue of excess calories and what he calls the 'metabolic advantage'.

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i have been doing this the last few days and have been wary of eating to many cals. i weigh daliy and all week i have stayed the same then yesterday i had some stuff i shouldn't and i had more cals than i've been allowing myself and this morning i've lost a lb.


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It's important to eat enough fat and calories so the body doesn't think there is a famine - it then kicks into great fat burning mode. I know it's wierd to start with - but it does work (and i can say that with huge confidence now :) )

Dont be hungry, do eat regularly, lots of veg, enough fat, tons of water!
Good luck


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It works for all of us here. I've had to but new clothes AGAIN today! You need to make sure that at least 15g of your 20g carb a day allowance is veg (leafy green is best) and drink loads of water. The weight just falls off. Honestly. :)

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