Trying to get ready!


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Why is it that now I have finally decided to do something about the excess poundage it is taking me 10 times as long to get ready for work. 2 weeks ago i would have thrown on any black outfit and be ready in about 5 mins but now everything looks rubbish! I don't even start LL 'til January! I am supposed to be at work in 20 mins and have done nothing but throw all my clothes in a pile!

I have a funny feeling i may be a little late...One perk of having my OH as my boss i guess!

Sorry for slightly random little rant :sigh:

Libby x
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You just wait. Give it a few weeks months and all that stuff on your bedroom floor will be in the bin or the charity shop and you'll have a whole new wardrobe soon enough. Just don't go out and buy a whole load of new clothes (unless they are in various smaller sizes bought in the January sales!) because honestly you will not beleive how quickly you will shrink out of things!

It's only natural that when your thinking of changing your image through your weightloss, you will start thinking about what your wearing, and what you do with your hair/make up etc... too!!

Thank goodness your OH is your boss if you're late though!!!

B x


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I still have the same problem. End up with everything on the floor because everything is too big! It's an ongoing problem. Hopefully once I reach my final goal I can have a flattering, non saggy, well fitted wardrobe!!
All the best with your start in January. You'll be amazed what a different person you'll be next Christmas :)


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Opposite problem

Now I've got an interest in clothes again and have so many nice things to choose from I've made friends with my bedroom again!
I don't just go in there to sleep.
I'm enjoying trying out new looks and
taking time getting ready.
OH calls in THe Catwalk Show !!
Still end up with piles of stuff on the floor. Just smaller items and lots more colours.
LOVELY :talk017::talk017::talk017:


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oh yes, colours. No longer does black dominate every outfit!!

Blonde Logic

Yes. You can.
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And, now that everything is so much smaller - so much more fits in the wardrobes and drawers!!! Means we can have a LARGER wardrobe - with theo GOOD meanings of "Larger"!!! :D :D :D

I'm spoilt for choice now!! :giggle: Lovin it!!

Won;t be long Libby!! :)


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Yep - just gonna echo everything that's been said here... everything may look a bit pants right now - but I can assure you, it will get better, and damn fast!! Before you know it you will be strutting around in very little (well, you've had the pleasure of seeing my in t-shirt and leggings - you lucky thing you)...

Hope you didn't get into too much trouble with the bar! Naughty girl! ;) x


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Tight Dances and Bean Bags

Yeah i must admit i am looking forward to spending ages getting ready, not because everything looks pants but because everything looks great!
Wasn't too late for work. Although i was hindered further by doing the infamous tight dance (i'm sure everyone knows the most sexy dance i am talking about that surfaces whenever trying to put tights on!), tripping over and landing face first in my bean bag lounger. Now, i'm sure this bean bag is the bain of my life. It is absolutely huge and it seems when i fall over into it in a weird way it is nigh on impossible to get out of.
So after all this i was a little flustered when i got to work and got a very 'I should be telling you off right now' look from the OH. This look soon changed to a 'you are so strange look' but i'm used to that one! :)

Thanks for the words of encouragement!

Libby x