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trying to get to grips with it

i recently changed from Slimming World to Weight Watchers but i seem to be hungry not all the time, which leads me to believe it may be a boredom hunger, but with SW i was able to snack on eggs and lots of free foods, does this get better on weight watchers? i am sure some of the hunger is down to be hungry as its a dramatic difference in my portion sizes.

for example tonight i was having skinless chicken thighs for dinner and took the option of 2 x 75g portions but on weighing it was only one tiny chicken thigh - it really was tiny about the half the size of the palm of my hand.

i think i need to stick this out for a bit longer

any advice would be good
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I used to do Slimming World and would swear by the amount of food that I could eat, but that was the problem... I couldn't control my portion sizes.
Now with WW, I eat more filling foods with lower points such as Porridge, Bagels etc for Breakfast, so that I don't feel hungry and that really works for me
Give it chance and you will see

I think once you get to grips with it you'll be fine. its a matter of getting used to what you can have within your points that fills you up. I find the shape yogurts for 1 point are really good for snacks as they seem to fill me up a bit more than normals yogs, and you could have an apple or a couple of satsumas with it for only another half point.

Have a look at some of the food diaries on here to see how other people use their points for a bit of inspiration


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It is a case of choosing food that will give you the maximum amount of food for the points
so if you look at the options one med chicken breast is 2.5 points which they say is about 100g whereas the chicken thigh medium is the same points but only 60g

whereas a cod fillet is even more for the same number of points

and then of course there are the vegetarian options

keep going it will become MUCH easier

have a look in the food diaries section and get some help and inspriation from others - I KNOW no one would mind if you copied out their menus to get you going
thanks for your replies

i will need to have a look at all my books again, and i will deffo have a look at other peoples food diaries
Hi Lucy's mommy....good luck with it all - you do get used to it and it becomes second nature after a while.

I did SW a few years back and although I lost initially - I couldn't control my portion sizes either so the weight loss slowed right down

Eat fruit as snacks - although you have to "pay" for it with your points.

Rosie x

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