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Trying to persuade other ppl?!?!?

well I have contacted my local CDC so first step out the way,, next step, my parents!!! I know they are going to totally disagree to this diet big time!!! :break_diet:
I was going to go for the but my mum can do it with me do it as a team as that might sway my mum :D, but if they disagree ill just be so upset and angry as this is something i really want to do for myself :mad:!
What do I do!!!
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If you wait until you have all the info to show them I think that would be best,as people do not understand the diet and you need to be able to have all the answers to hand.Good luck
I know how you feel. My parents think CD is "silly" and is not a "long term answer". I told my mum last night that I was starting CD again next week and actually she was okay. I just explained that I'm not going to make a big deal out of it and it's something that I am doing for me. People do have a hard time understanding it like andju said. Once they see you are happy and doing well I'm sure they will be okay. Good luck on your CD journey x
Cass22 Hopefully my mum is as understanding as that...but i have a feeling she won't be but fingers crossed!!! Thanks for the advice xx
its hard when familly members are against you.id just explain that you are going to do it wheter she supports you or not. you are doing this for yourself hun. well done x
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hi i hope it all works out just be honest that your not happy and need to do something about it now x

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Do you have to tell your Family??
Why not wait until you have lost some weight and let them comment to tell them.
I had the same thing with my Parents when I decided that I was having a gastric band. They stuck by me through it all, but I know at the beginning they had their concerns.
I live my parents and dont drive so sometimes i will have to rely on them to take me there ,,, so yes i think i will have to tell them :( still waiting to hear back from CDC e-mailed yesterday still no reply! just want to get started, told my best friend today she is thinking of doing it with me, I am getting all excited!!! lol


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I did it for 2,5 weeks and lost like 7kg ... Then my mum desperately wanted to start too and started the next time we went to see our CDC ;-)

Results before persuasion is a veeeeery good tactic :) Some people may be sceptical and seeing results on you might persuade them better than words can :p
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if you have not heard back from CDC call them get started x

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