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Total Solution TS weight loss diary day 1 ...

So started my first day on TS 100%. Had a shake for breakfast and lunch having another for tea after dance class! Must say finding it kinda difficult! Feeling slightly hungry and a bit weak/ dizzy, is this normal?? Also struggling with the whole 3 litres of water thing.. anyone any tips? Really need them! Also are you allowed anything i.e. a slice of ham or boiled egg? ... Dam I would kill for one!
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If you are going to eat then avoids carbs and stick to protein. I'm trying for TS just now but my 1st 4 weeks or so I had chicken and cheese salad in the evening. Counted it out to the exact calorie and kept it low. Weight loss was slower than if I had been TS but it came off and that's the important thing.

My first day was awful. I hadn't discovered the wonder's of ice and my banana shake was room temperature, yuck. Only manages a shake and half a bar (also yuck!) and some water. After a few days, the shakes got better and I can say I almost enjoy the choocolate and vanilla ones. I shake them up in a cocktail shaker with ice, pour into a cup and down in 1 followed by coke zero or water.
Thanks almostmrswood glad to know that I can do that if necessary! :). Just discovered I can have buillion stock which is good as I'm only having shakes for 4 Weeks so lets me have something savoury :). Have you tried adding sweetener and hot water to the shakes? I find it makes them taste better and fill you up more! Do you drink much coke zero? Was just wondering if you could use it to substitute some of the water? On day two today and though it's still morning, feeling great! How long have you been doing TS? Do you know the average weight loss per week? Thanks! :-D x
Hi and well done on getting started. I'm on Day 12 today and it's my first time doing a total meal replacement. I found that the first few days were the most difficult because I did feel hungry and weak. This week however I've turned the corner and I'm definitely into ketosis. Don't feel hungry, lots of energy and I feel great. Stick with it, it does get easier. I've got my self into a routine with my water - pint when I get up, pint with my shake at 0930, pint at 1100 with my cup of peppermint tea, pint at 1300 with my bar, pint 1530 mid afternoon with another cup of tea, another pint with my soup at 1800 and a pint during the evening (sorry bit longwinded:p). Also try watering down the shakes a bit more - I add about 400ml. I can't drink my water cold so I top it up with hot water so it's lukewarm, I find it goes down much easier.
Hope this helps :)
Keep going - you can do it!
Hi Hazel115! Thanks so good to know it gets easier! On day 2 today and been using extra water in my shakes and heating them up also using sweetener as it tastes better! :). Been using bullion also for the savoury taste which makes it more manageable! Feel tonnes better today and stuck to it100% :) x
I've still not had a complete TS day yet! My willpower is non existent and I get to the evening and a voice in my head goes *you can't survive on just shakes, you MUST eat something*. Blooming annoying it is but I'll get there. At least I'm not eating any of the crap I used to and I can honestly say I don't miss pasta or tatties.

From what I've been told you can drink as much coke zero as you like. There is a thread about what you can drink and it includes quite a few different things. I'm not a fan of plain water but try to drink at least half a pint a day. The rest is coke/dr pepper zero, tesco has flavoured water as well, tea/coffee with a drop on red milk. Avoid citric acid and sugar and you should be ok.

I used sweeteners in my shakes for a start, then lost my packet of sweeteners and not bothered getting more. Don't need them now as the shake is gone in about 5 seconds. I tried the vanilla one hot with coffee (yuch!) and the chocolate one hot but liked neither. Not tried it recently though so may have to go back and see if it tastes better.

I'm off work tomorrow so I think I will go for a full 100% day. OH is working late so will eat at work which takes teatime temptation out of the way.

Keep at it you are doing great!
Thanks almostMrswood! Feeling pretty good today though need to drink.more. Must say buillion has been my savoir for the savoury taste! Weigh in on Monday b so Hope I can behave over the weekend! :) x
How you getting on. Had my first 100% ts day today! I'm feeling really good so far.
Good thanks! Though forgot my shakes at work today so survived on coke zero and buillion! Weighed myself today ... Not much loss! That will teach me! Well done on your first ts day! How did you find it? X
Ok girls.so I have completely fallen off the band waggon tonight! :-( Had 2.ciders and already feeling tipsy! :-( don't know what to do for best have something to eat ... Bacon and poached egg or try I and get back on the straight and narrow.tonight? Any advice for weekend/ nights out? My will power has disappeared! X
Weigh in today and 7 pounds down! :D yaay! went slightly off track at the weekend but back on it and raring to go today! 2 shakes down still to have t and feeling pretty good! heres to another good weightloss this week ... hopefully! How are you all doing? how are you doing Almostmrswood? xx

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