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****Tuesday! Hour by Hour!!****



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Morning peeps

peeing it down with rain here this morning.. yuck.. I'm going to have to pop out to the shop in a bit, so going to sit and wait for the weather to ease off a bit before I do.

My ankle is still very sore and still somewhat swollen. It's also a gorgeous shade of purple. Hope it gets better soon.

Hope everyone has a great day and you're all big losers
Hiya all,
Long time no see and I've missed you all. I had my operation and all's well now but it meant coming off the diet for a while.
In that time I have to admit that I've been a mega pig and have gained 9lbs so have started a new ticker.
Have had a few half-hearted goes at starting the diet again over the last couple of weeks but have failed miserably every time. I was so focussed the first time and did so well but this time I just wanna eat!
Anyways - I'm gonna have to get back into the routine of coming in here regularly and to get my a*se kicked!
Peeing down here but, hey ho, at least we're still breathing!
Take care all and try to have a great day


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Morning all, :wave_cry:
I need a kick up the jacksy. My restart yesterday did not really happen. Much more focused today and already had a shake and starting on water. Yesterday left it late to have first shake and got distracted by a bar of Lindt dark choccy with chilli. :sigh:


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morning all, finding it hard to restart again. Cant seem to stay away from the cereal box. :(

I am really going to stick with shakes today, already had 1 litre water and will have a shake as soon as the tum starts to create.

Have a good day everyone



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Hi all very wet here:sigh: ,but trying on my swim wear and shorts as Im packing for my hols 3 days to go .Just been looking at the satelite for tenerife and I can acually see my pool that I wil be swimming in on friday how brill :)is that .

will be joining you all on restarts when i get back ,as I am not going to calorie count while away:eek:.Enjoy your day everyone keep strong we can do this togtr


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S: 20st7lb C: 17st6lb G: 15st7lb Loss: 3st1lb(14.98%)
Good morning all you lovely ppl, hope you are all full of the joys of spring!!!!!!
Okay so it's peeing it down but it's my day off and all my houseworks done so I have a nice relxing day ahead of me - yeahh.
Weigh day for me today, have stuck to SS 100% so should be okay but still feel a little jittery (I always do before I get weighed) but I'm sure it will be ok, will let you all know later.
Have a fab day x


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good morning (start of week two SS)

i feel as rough as a badgers arse today:sigh:

punishment for yesterdays discrepancy i suppose...

I checked my ketostix this morning and i am still in ketosis (phew!) got a blinding headache which woke me up overnight and has continued on til this morning. Gotta go to work soon so hope its gonna lift coz i have a ton of paperwork to do.

Lots of water today methinks:rolleyes: (more than usual.

Hope everyone else has a good day.

debs x

1st target get to 10 stone!!
2nd target get to goal weight - 9 stone

Wk1 - 7.2lbs
Wk2 - 3lbs (TOTM)
I've never posted in one of these threads before so I hope its okay doing so:eek:

Its amazingly wet and grey here today so thats not helping my mood. I'm on day 2 of my restart and not feeling too bad, just a bit down because I'm starting to slide down my PMS slope into :(

Taking my daughter out in a sec which will hopefully take my mind off eating, although I'm not feeling like I want to eat much. Keep wanting to cry it's absolutely debilitating.

Oh and last night while cooking supper for hubster and daughter I burnt my hand up really bad. This hurts heaps at the moment which isn't helping my mood. I've also got my driving test in 6 days so I hope my hand heals by then. The burn is right on the palm of my hand and all my fingers :(

Sorry for the miniature essay :eek:


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Hi Nursebex...everyone is welcome on the daily, come on to rant, praise, moan, grone and get kicked too if necessary .

Have a great day
morning all, fab sunny day here. Not up to alot to do have to make a start on getting the spare room clean have visitors coming to stay next week. ohh the thought of cleaning it clothes everywhere!! Good luck to everyone with wi's today

becky xx
S: 19st8lb C: 11st5lb Loss: 8st3lb(41.97%)
Mandy-wondered where you were lurking...and your ticker is under BMI 25...you star!
tansy-glad to see you back and that Op went well.We are having another London get together on the 20th.It would be lovely to meet you.
Hope everyone is having a good day...Think I am going to have to cut my credit cards up I've been shopping again!Size 14 jeans from Primark...it's just too unbelievable and a top from Zara in a M...I was laughing so much in changing rooms,but when I showed girl my before pic(carry it around with me..sad I know!)she understood why I was so happy.I've always loved their clothes,but never did I think at Christmas I would be wearing them by June!I know I can't afford it,but the rush is too addictive..
Ugh I'm just having a shake made with lots of ice which is yummy but I'm feeling really sick and headachey :(

I don't want to cheat and eat something but I'm feeling really quite ikky.
First time I've posted in one of these threads too - hi!! Today has been fab, I feel great today after a horrid evening and have got loads done. Busy going self employed and setting up my own business at the mo so lots of paperwork etc - feel much better now the majority is out of the way. Am going to go for a walk tonight, think it's about time I added a bit more exercise. The weather's not too bad here for a change.

Mary Poppins - have you really lost all that weight since Christmas? Wow!! I am starting to save now for a BBBBIIIGGGG shopping spree when I reach goal weight. Went out shopping yesterday and was tempted to buy loads but thought better - they'll all be way too big soon! So, I'll save my pennies and have a massive blow out later!

S: 19st8lb C: 11st5lb Loss: 8st3lb(41.97%)
Yes enoughisenough!But I have stuck to it 100%.It is very achieveable,lots of people have lost similar in the same time,but you do have to stick to it and be determined!Good luck
You have done so well. You're bmi at the beginning was only just slightly lower than mine so it is really nice to see what I can achieve with a lot of determination.

Well done xxxx

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