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Tuesday hour x hour


longs to be average!
I can't believe it is almost 8pm and I am starting the hour x hour thread! Has World War 3 started and someone forgot to send me the memo to let me know????

Anyways - left work today, that's it, no more dealing with Incapacity Benefit. Have 2 and a half weeks off before I start my new job as a Fraud Investigator and Prosecutor.

Went and looked at a Jeep tonight - not keen, my heart is definately set on a PT Cruiser Cabrio and have my eyes on a couple. So watch this space.

Anyways, off to watch me neice on Holby. Ciao for now xx
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Silver Member
i know this place is dead lately!


Silver Member
has anyone seen katie lately?? xx
Nope :(

I was thinking about starting just a general chitter chatter thread earlier instead of us starting a daily thread but thought I might get lynched if there's some big history behind the daily threads that I don't know about.
I thought it might make people come on the thread a bit more and then you can continue conversations across a few days.

What do other people think?


longs to be average!
That's a good idea MrsPNut - have to say I rarely go on previous days hour x hour threads.

Why has it been so quiet on here lately? What is keeping people away? Answers on a postcard please................


constantly confused
Bet it's cos BL isn't here!

How about having a weekly thread rather than a daily one? If it's too long I wonder if it would put new posters off trawling through pages and pages?


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we need to do something. our little lighter life club is dying :( x


constantly confused
:gen147: Perhaps we should all pledge to post more, so there will be more to reply to and more people will join in?

People keep getting skinny and then leaving :rotflmao:


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I think the main thing is that people are lapsing and then being embarrased to confess. When really that is the whole point of this place!
i know i did that :( xx


longs to be average!
the hour x hour thread is really just a new thread that we post each day. It's a more general thread, anything goes in there really - we have had everything from new bra sizes (not that that applies to me - my man boobs won't fit into a training bra now!!) through to lapsing, hating our jobs, or just to have a laugh, or ***** and moan.
That was why I was going to do a general chit chat thread, new joiners are more likely to know what it is rather than the hour x hour threads.

I think I will start one tomorrow (if I remember) :)

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