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Sunday hour by Hour


longs to be average!
S: 18st11lb C: 18st3lb G: 12st9lb Loss: 0st8lb(3.04%)
Good Morning from a very white Rayleigh.

I am absolutely knackered this morning - feel like spending the day in my PJs with the blanket over me, and spend the whole day watching old black and white movies with some cream cakes and a bottle of Pinot to my side.

BUT, have my niece with us until two this afternoon, so the day in PJs watching B&W movies is out, stuck on this diet, so the cream cakes and the pinot is out also - oh well. Will have do some chores instead I guess (until 2 when I neice goes home and get changed into my PJs and watch B&W movies)

Anyways, hope you have a good day in your part of the country.
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Its a snowy morn in Cheshire, just arisen and looked out of the window and we have snow. Coming down with a cold or virus which explains my stodgy food crave at the weekend. Not hungry today but feel tired and a bit done in. Hey Corey like the sound of BW movies sounds like a good idea might do that today. Hope everyone is ok cu for now lola xxx


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Morning all.Well i didnt clean the car yesterday but i did take the cover off the minging child seat lol,so here i am vac at the ready and going for it.no snow here sun is shining so the mutt might get a walk.Off to the chiropractor on tuesday as my back is driving me nuts!!!!!Tens machine is in the bin.spending the day with mum.Oh i forgot to tell you my brother has booked and paid for my next trip to Abu Dhabi in November.5 weeks this time,and if i am avery good girl NO SEAT BELT EXTENSION for me fingers crossed.

have a good day

love liz


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Morning all!
Snowing down my end too! exciting stuff :) Got work again today Im very jelalous of those having a lazy day today- just want to stay in bed and watch the snow from my window. oh well finish at 5 so will just straight into bed when im home!
Will have a milkshake in a bit- iv really grown to look forward to my morning strawberry milkshake- how sad is that! hehe.

At my meeting yesterday we was all discussing what to do next (RTM develepors etc) and i felt quite sad that we are all going to be split up iv really gown to love that little group! :(
Cookey thats fab about the holiday you will be lovely and slim by November :)
Hope you feel better soon lola


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Morning All,

White morning here in London too, its lovely. I am supposed to go and meet a friend for a coffee later but I would also prefer to stay on the couch with a movie or two.

Corey, you sound like you are getting alittle bored and frustrated with the diet. Hang in there not long for you now. I know you are determined so I am sure there is even no need for my words.

Katie enjoy work.

I have to try and stay away from e-bay I bought more jewelery last night I have so much but still bought more naughty me, and two gorgeous maxi dresses, and in size 14 I hope they will not be too big by the time I go on holiday. (can't believe I just said that)

Here I go harping on again....
have a good day everyone keep smiling:D


longs to be average!
S: 18st11lb C: 18st3lb G: 12st9lb Loss: 0st8lb(3.04%)
Tange, I can't even begin to tell you how bored I am with the diet, but I have 3 weeks and 4 days before I start RtM, my goal is so close, so not going to ruin it now, although was tempted last night by my nieces Chicken Dippers!! I know I won't be ready for RtM (weight wise), but am confident that I will lose the rest (last stone max) on RtM.

Will be testing my resolve shortly - we're all off over the road to ASDA to get something in for lunch. That's lunch for OH and Niece, I've got a peanut cruch bar!!.

I've taken a leaf out of BLs book - watching a cookery programme - they're doing lamb shanks - I didn't like lamb before the diet, but boy do I want some now!!


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Good morning, it's not quite so white here now - a lot of the snow has melted but there are still patches around - Lola I just read on the news that they've closed part of the M56 in Cheshire because of black ice ... be careful if you're out and about.

Nothing exciting here today - housework calls, washing and ironing and all the fun of that.

Have weigh in this evening to look forward to though - it'll seem strange tomorrow having the evening 'off'.


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hi all

No rest for me today - i have tons of work to do today to prep for tomorrow (I'm in legal prof and got a 5 day case starting:sigh::sigh::sigh:)

It means a stressful few days and no real down time for me.

Would love to spend all day in pjs watching b&w movies ( i love the old films) but its been many years since i have been able to do that.

Well done to all those with good weight losses this last week. and good luck to all for this week.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend. M gotta go and carry on with work:banghead:


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S: 14st7lb G: 11st5lb
Thanks Katie but I'm that cold today will not be venturing outdoors. Just had my soup, a nice mushroom with plenty of pepper, they all want fish chips and mushy peas today so will have to brave the kitchen and cook it. Will put peg across my nose and try and cook it blindfolded (sounds a bit kinky that ha ha):ignore:


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S: 17st7lb C: 11st6lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 29.6 Loss: 6st1lb(34.69%)
LOL yeah Lola it does sound very 9 1/2 weeks.

Well I've done all the ironing (well that'that's dry anyway!) and I've just looked out and again there is a flurry of snow coming down - never gonna get out on this bike at this rate!


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Burnt my peanut bar today!

Not happy as I was only allowed to buy 2 this week. Why the hell can't LL sort out their supply problems?
Well ldare I say that lucky me is still in my pj's and I have just finished watching a film - it wasn't black and white though!

I'm finally feeling better (miracle medication) and am finally going back to work tomorrow, I think I'm quite nervous, but am not really sure why! Definitely going to be strange to have to be somewhere at a particular time, after so long!

Hope you are all enjoying the sunshine and are wrapped up warm against the wind and snow! x
Hi BL and thank you. It's quite a revelation to be feeling well, you don't realise how poorly you were feeling til you are feeling better again! As for my pic, I guess I got a bit shy :giggle:

Hope you have been getting happier news of late x
Hello everyone, haven't been on here for yonks, so thought I would give you a quick updaete.

Central heating and water is now fixed - hoorrahhh!! So can have lovely long hot showers, 8 days without hot water and heating was no joke!

Hubby had a nice birthday, he is well chuffed with his Wii, so I ache a bit now! Been playing non stop all weekend! He's just stopped to watch the footy!

Dad is back from Australia, he only mentioned his hypo, didn't mention anything about his colitis, so I didnt mention it to him, also never said anything about my pig of a brother, dad was waxing lyrical about how great a bloke he is, he's done so well, usual blue eyed boy sort of stuff, but I just let him get on with it, as long as my dad is happy then that's the main thing.

Wandered into town like nannook of the north this morning, loads of snow everywhere but it had all gone three hours later! My and hubby built a big snowman in the garder this morning and my kitten was leaping about in the snow like a nutter, she didn't know what to make of it, and came back indoors all wet and spikey! She's all snuggled up now though.

Have had a couple of not so great days food wise, I decided that I was going to have a little break for hubby's birthday, so back on that wagon tomorrow. Roll on the last stone for my holiday in MAy!

Hope you're all having a fab day, I'm now in my jammies, so going to chill in front of the telly (well, till hubby wants to put the Wii on again!!!)



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S: 17st7lb C: 11st6lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 29.6 Loss: 6st1lb(34.69%)
Well I've not been out at all today, not been through the door --- still snowing on and off (now on), doesn't seem to be sticking though.

Just had a warming soup - house smells gorgeous as hubby is cooking a roast turkey dinner, not quite the same as my chicken soup but hey-ho.............


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Hi, pleased to hear everyone having fun in te snow or snuggling up in the house. I'm doing the latter myself. Just came back from OH's mam and dad's and now am in my pjs, OH going to play 5 a side then we're wathcing Sahara on channel 5 at 8pm. Hope can get an early night cos didn't sleep well last night.

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