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Hope you have all been well, and had a great christmas.

I have been off cd for nearly 6 weeks, where has the time gone.

I didnt really gain much when i went on holiday, i had a week before christmas and on a sensible eating plan i lost what i had put on. :)

Over christmas i have gone completly mad, and i have gained well just say quite a lot, never mind because come Tuesday i am back with you lovely guys and girls.

So hear's to the new year ahead, wishing you all the very best.:D

See you all Tuesday on this here fine site. xxx
Nice one Pebbles....you know you won't be alone....I'm wanting to lose 3 stone by my holiday in April!
hiya pebbles

I don't start till 8th Jan so comparedto most who will be underway in the next couple of days, I feel a fraud - however, once the ball is rolling we shall all back in the swin

Look forwards to seeing and hearing of your progress and hoping to be of assistance should you need it

Do you know what, i am really looking forward to starting on thuesday i feel sooooo bloted at the moment, oh ye and the 10lb gain, yes i got weighed this morning, but i have had a great time that will be gone in the first week of ssing fingers crossed, so bring on tuesday, and good luck to you all. xx