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Tuesday wi good luck

Thanks Gemma! :cross:

It's my 1st weigh in tonight and I feel like :cry:lol! :D I am looking forward to it but still really nervous

Good Luck to all other Tuesday WI xx


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Thanks Gem - sending good vibes to you and Sarah ...

I am trying to maintain of course - so a sts would be great :D ... although if I ever manage to lose a lb, I would be at my lowest ever weight and get a sticker - somehow I don't think tonight will be the night though ...

Catch you all later


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I got weighed this morning. At first it said I had gained half a lb, which didn't sound right as I have been trying really hard. So I weighed myself again and it said I'd stayed the same. I'm not sure that there might be something wrong with the scales as another woman was weighed and it said she'd lost 6.5 lb which she knew wasn't right, weighed again and it said she'd lost 1.6lb. I hope they calibrated before next week.


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1/2 a piggin' pound off this week. Sorry for complaining, I know it's off.

My weight losses are so flippin' random, it's frustrating. I stick to the plan every week and the loss doesn't always reflect how good I've been. I think I feel bad about it because I'm due on next week and that usually means a gain.. grrrr. Oh well.

I did get a bit of a talking to though because I lost 5 1/2 pounds completely out of nowhere last week. I know it's 6 pounds in two weeks but 5 1/2lbs is an extreme loss for me. Ah well.. it's still weight off and now onwards to next week.


Is so very nearly there!
Hope ya scales get sorted and Annie well done!!


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apparently i gained a pound, dont blooming know where from as i havent done anything to gain it, not happy:(
apparently i gained a pound, dont blooming know where from as i havent done anything to gain it, not happy:(

Join the club! 1st week and STS!!! :cry:Gutted!
Thanks hun, I need them! I have sat here and cried about it! xx


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well done to those who lost:D

hey, dont let it get you down sweetie :(

im only a PM away if you need to chat or vent xxx


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Gosh - what is in the water this week?!

Gem - I know where your lb went - I had it!

Darn - gained a lb. not entirely sure why I deserved a gain this week, but I am still well in my target zone, so shouldn't be complaining really - I'll jut have to be careful over the easter weekend.

Well done to the losers though :clap:

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