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Tuesday WI


loves food and cooking
Yes - good luck everyone. Feeling confident?

I have had a week of lovely food, mainly following the EE plan, so I am hoping to maintain the 3lb loss I had last week. If I lose anything, of course I would be thrilled, but a maintain would be ideal for me.


I can do this............
hi ladies lost another 2.5lbs wohoo! plus i got my half stone award!! check me out!! good luck to all of you weighing today!!
Well Done Henna! That's brilliant!!! :clap:

To be honest, even though I have synned and stuck to it I don't feel like I have lost. I feel really bloated etc. Hey ho we will see :) x


Silver Member
2.5lb off for me and slimmer of the week :D I couldn't be happier.

I go to London on Sunday and will be eating out at lot's of lovely restaurants, so I aim to be really good up till then but then I'll loosen up and enjoy myself.


I can do this............
well done ninja! enjoy your weekend and all that yummy food! Thanks to all for the messages they really do spur me on for the week!!
Good luck to everyone for today.......

1 1/2 off for me this week so I am really pleased :D
4lb loss for me this week :clap:


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Oh well done girls! I had a blip this week and put 1/2 lb on. Must do better next week. And stay off the gin!


A moaning old boot!!!!
3.5lbs lost this week and Slimmer of the Week. WELL PLEASED!!!!! It got me my 1.5stone award and my Club 10 award.
Very happy with myself.
Well done to everybody else too x x x


I can do this............
well done victoria that is a fantastic acheivement you must be so pleased! one of your targets down move on to the next!!


loves food and cooking
:woohoo: would you believe 1lb off!??!

Sheesh! I am trying to maintain for heavens sake. When I tried to lose I barely managed it, and now I try to maintain it is falling off me!

Now at 1.5lb BELOW Target :D

There are some great losses this week ladies - well done to all the losers. There are only a few gains, but I am positive you will get it off again next week. :clap:


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Jay has been a very naughty girl..... I put 1.5lb on :-( First time I've gained for ages but I do deserve it!

Oh well, still in my target zone (just....) must not be too bad on holiday.

Well done to all the losers!
Jay xx

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