Tummy toning


Where's Skinny Minnie?
For people who have lost or are losing a lot of weight - what exercise do you do to tone your tummy? It's my problem area and I really want to make sure it sucks in. It's not great from the weight I lost before SW so I need to be extra vigilant.
I'm using bio-oil and a vitamin E cream at the moment
Anybody got good tips? x
AB work on the fitball :) x
Do crunches! I do these.......

Dont use any creams etc - should tho :/
We had a wii fit for xmas and there is a hula hoop game..You can really feel it the next day so I reckon this may help:)
haha i love that game! feel like a right idiot doing it but its so fun!
I've about 7-8 stone to lose so exercising is a bit of a struggle but I agree with Sophs, when I do the hula on Wii fit I can defo feel my stomach muscles the next day!!
No matter how much we hate them i dont think you can beat sit-ups/crunches. I had a mad 5 minutes and ordered this stupidly large chair called the Ab-lounge which helps you do them safetly and more efficiantly, and god do i feel it.
Stomach crunches are good,

Also if you have a medicine ball (or anything that doesn’t weigh too much and will hold steady) put that on your feet and lift it about 5 inches of the floor and hold it there for 60 seconds and then slowly lower your feet down and to about 10 reps of that.

Then turn over on your front lying face down and push your top of your body up with your arms to stretch your back (then you wont pull your back doing it)


i have met a lot of people who after loosign weight have had tummy tucks on the nhs. might be a bit drastic tho lol
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