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Tuna Pasta but alternative to mayo wanted please.


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Is there any reason why he cannot have the full fat mayo? After all he is not on a diet and I imagine he will not be having it every day. Children need to have fat in their diet so it would not be appropriate for him to follow SW in its entirety. Lots of fruit, veg and complex carbs yes, but low fat dairy no.
Depends on the age of the child tbh Circes. Once you are over 5 they (the powers that dictate these healthy things) say stuff like semi-skimmed milk is fine. And I imagine this is a teenager or older as hes following the plan too. Some fat is essential to a healthy diet, but it does not have to be via full fat products.

Pinkcarnations, the light version of mayo is usually pretty similar in taste to the original, but the extra light (which of course you can have more of) is never quite the same thing. If he must have full-fat, he can always syn it.
Hello everyone, thank you for your replies, sorry I should have said son is an adult not a child, and the only reason he can't eat the full fat mayo is because he would eat the jar full, like me. Once opened that's it, the lot would go so the best way for us is to not buy it and avoid temptation. :0) I think we will defininately have a go with the cottage cheese, that sounds really good, and the quark and fromage frais too.
Thanks again
I use fat free fromage frais with lemon juice, vinegar, pepper and herbs. :)

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