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Turning my life around from today!!!

S: 20st7lb
Hi everyone,

I just wanted to say hello!!! I have been lurking behind the scenes and reading your posts for some time now :hide: but I thought it was finally time to come out of the closet and introduce myself so to speak!?! Your stories are amazing and have really inspired me to get up off my large behind and do something about my weight, instead of just moaning and doing nothing about it as usual!?!

I have started SS today and am feeling really excited about the future despite feeling so hungry I could eat the computer desk right now!?! :17729:
I'll make do with another bottle of water if it means I won't have to endure another sweaty summer though!?! Scarily I have about 8 to 9 stones of blubber to lose so it looks as though you'll be stuck with me for quite some time!?!
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Welcome honey... we're all in this together, and it'll be a long journey for most of us! It's not just the weight we have to lose but staying that way once we do reach target, and this forum will be a lifesaver, i know. I've just restarted SS after a break over Xmas, and am at the hungry/headachey/tired stage, but I am happy because I know this means I'll be in ketosis soon and that's a great feeling. CD is fantastic, we're pretty much all agreed on that! Just one point... I see you are 5'9" so please make sure you're having 4 rather than 3 sachets a day... trying to make do with 3 will definitely leave you hungry! Well done for getting aboard that ark... and remember, the journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step!!!


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noahsmum i also have to lose 9 stone and i'm starting on Monday on SS. It's a scary thought but i'm going to set myself small targets that i can reach and as they say, they soon mount up. I'm also keeping a blog to track my progress and i'm taking photos once a week (or maybe every stone loss) so i can see my journey.

Good luck! How you finding the shakes so far?


Loves Porridge
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Well done for taking the first steps, I am on day 2 and like you am so excited to finally be taking positive steps to tackle this beast! :8855:

Keep taking the water I go everywhere with my 750ml bottle - think it's my new security blanket :8855:

Keep posting on here I find it really helps or play a couple of games in the arcade

Anyway enough waffling good luck and stay tuned in!
S: 20st7lb
Hi everyone,

Thanks so much for your replies - it means so much to have found people that really understand what you're going through. My husband trys his best but he could eat a horse and still lose weight!?!

Thanks for the advice Katycakes - I am taking the 4 sachets a day as I really don't want to faint as I have a 2 year old to look after - and goodness only knows what mischief he would get up to without supervision!?!

I have done this type of diet before and lost 10 stones through Lighter Life back in 2005. Unfortunately the diet was the easy bit as I have put nearly all of the weight back on!!! I decided to try the Cambridge Diet this time as it has a more flexible approach and I liked the idea of the different stages when you decide to come off SS. Having seen first hand how easily the weight can come back on - I am DEFINITELY not going down that route again!?!
S: 20st7lb
Hi Diddums,

I must admit the shakes are turning my stomach at the moment, but I know they are probably an aquired taste so I will just keep chugging on. I have found them slightly better if I use extra water though, and I figured any extra water I can drink can only be a good thing!?!

How about you - are you finding the shakes and soups ok??

I am really looking forward to the water flavourings when I can have them as I am bored of plain water already!?! I have even resorted to drinking a cup of hot water to try and warm me up!?!
S: 15st3lb
I find i if i blend the shakes with ice it makes it taste much better, and in the evenings i have my shake hot which fills me up more.
They have to be icy cold or hot for me! xx


Losing the baby weight!!
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I agree welshwench - I blend my shakes with ice too - soooo much nicer!

And good luck with your CD journey noahsmum! I'm on day 6 now, and I think I'm in ketosis now. I don't feel as hungry and depressed as I did a couple of days ago, lol! It does get easier thank god!
well donefor starting and all the best!
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hiya Noahsmum, welcome to minis and to the cambridge diet!!
i know it may seem that you have a long road ahead of you but it can be done, i once had 10 stone to lose, now i have 4 stone to lose, i will get there in the end, and you can too!


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My husband trys his best but he could eat a horse and still lose weight!?!

Thanks for the advice Katycakes - I am taking the 4 sachets a day as I really don't want to faint as I have a 2 year old to look after - and goodness only knows what mischief he would get up to without supervision!?!

welcome and good luck hun

My hubby is like this:mad:

I am a childminder and have up to 3 children running around and am dreading lunch and snack times when I start back next week, going to give them beans everyday as I hate them:8855:
S: 20st7lb
Thanks everyone for your replies - they have really helped me to keep going today as I've found it soooo hard. Had to have a bath when my husband and son were eating earlier as the smell was driving me insane!!! Roll on ketosis quite frankly!?!

Vampalicious you have done so well - you look amazing. Browsing through everybodies stories today is what has kept me on the straight and narrow - I will suceed this time!!!

Great tip about the ice - I will definitely try that with my shakes tomorrow. Just had a cheese and brocolli soup and it was YUK!!!


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G: 11st5lb
^ I agree the cheese and broccoli one is viiiile! So is leek and potato. I have oriental chilli for tomorrow so I'm hoping that one's better!!

I too have about 9 stone to lose so good luck to you and we can all do this!


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what do people feel about the spicy tomato and chicken and mushroom soups? i was not brave enough to get any other flavours. i have heard a lot of people saying the cheese and broc one is horrible though, so i shall steer clear!!


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Hi Noahsmum

Well done for getting back to the diet. This time you will succeed as you know what happens to put all the weight back on. I think its great that you have the perseverence to get back on track. You will win and stay slim. I also did the lighterlife and put all the weight back on. This time I know that I really want to stay slim for life. Just think how you will look and feel in the summer

PS Katycakes I tried spicy tomato and it was horrible - pink soup. Like the vegetable soup though

Good luck

Sharon :):)


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Well done hun, I've not been well for a few days and am fairly new to the diet, so classing tomorrow as my day 1 again, although have Slim fasted the last couple of days, to try and get me back into the swing of things a bit.

Good Luck for all your journey, I have 6 1/2 stone to go - probably plus half a stone really in the long run, and do feel like although I want to do well, will I ever really get under that 11 stone marker again...here's to hoping and putting 100% into it to get there! xx


Loves Porridge
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:DWell done for staying on track, I went for a bubble bath last night to avoid food my oh had a kebab! :eek:

Tonight however he did himself oven chips - as he is now having to learn to cook and bless him he put the oven on fan for 30mins and then wondered why his chips weren't cooked :8855:

I had mushroom soup tonight and it was OK - I added some pepper to kill the slight powdery taste (maybe that was my bad mixing)!! :p

I have the cheese and broccoli soup which I shall try tomorrow and if its a no go will ask my CDC to see if I can swap for porridge as I seem to be loving that at the moment

Keep posting and let us know how you get on :)
S: 20st7lb
Thanks everyone. I am determined to lose the weight this time - I just forget how hard it is when you first start out!!! When I did Lighter Life back in 2005 I distanced myself from food completely and my other half looked after himself - this time round I have a 2 year old to look after so unfortunately I have to prepare and cook meals.

The smells are driving me insane and I've never heard my stomach make such loud noises but, I refuse to give in. I can see I am going to be very clean on this diet as I've had 2 baths and a shower today to keep away from food!?!


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Hi Noahsmum

It is difficult to prepare food and not eat it. I've just posted a thread on how to curb cravings - which helped me. Don't know if this would help you but may be worth a try.


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