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Turnip - Gutted


Cambridge Consultant
OMG how on earth did I manage to miss that on 810 I've been allowed to have turnip :eek: Turnip is my most favourite veg in the whole wide world and all the time I've done 810 I've been neglecting it thinking that its too high in carbs.

Sooooooooooo tonight, I'm going to grate some turnip, mix with some turkey mince, wrap in cabbage leaves and boil in some marigold bouillion. Yummmmmmmm

*Runs away to cuddle beloved turnip* :D
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Mistress of the Dark
I have never tried turnip. What is it like???

I am glad to see someone else with a weight loss graph as up and down as mine who is close to goal. It goes to show that it can be done!!! x


Cambridge Consultant
Lol littlegem, yeah its been a tough year. Most of my peaks are the result of over indulgence on all inclusive holidays and then generally being a pig for weeks afterwards. 9st 6lbs is my first target, which is what I was on my wedding day, as soon as I hit it I'll adjust it to 8st 7lbs which is my real target (I'm only small!).

Going camping next week so taking a wee off for that and praying I can get right back on the wagon afterwards. Don't want to see any more ups and downs on that graph.

Turnip is amazing, you can't beat it mashed. (Even better with butter but we won't go there!). Its quite sweet, which is why I really never thought for a minute it would be on the list.


Mistress of the Dark
Is it anything like swede?

My peaks are nothing to do with holidays, just general picking turning into all out binges!!!

This is my last attempt. If I can't do it this time, I will be trying something else. Having said that, I am still over 4st lighter than I was a year ago which I couldn't have done by just healthy eating alone so I'm still pretty chuffed! x


Wants to be a yummy mummy
See here in starts the debate of the cornish as to whether you mean turnip as turnip or swede - which the cornish call turnip.. We have some very confused conversations about that in our house.. :D


Cambridge Consultant
Well as far as my house is concerned, turnip is the big one with brownish skin that cooks orange and swede is the small one with white and purple skin that cooks white.

Oh please tell me thats right and its not swede that we're allowed.

Littlegem, I said too that this was my last go, if I didn't do it this time I never would. I got sick of my 3 million restarts.


Mistress of the Dark
Swede is the orange one. Turnip is the white one. I LOVE swede but I think that you are allowed your swede which is turnip for me....does that make sense???


Mistress of the Dark
I'm so confused!!! :confused:

This is turnip to me: Turnip - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

This is swede: Rutabaga - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

which coincidentally states that swede in England is known as Turnip in Scotland...could this be where we are getting mixed up? Our swede is your turnip and if so, which one does the CD booklet mean??? If it is my swede then I am thrilled!!! I love it!

I used to work on the fruit and veg section at Waitrose and swedes were big. Turnips were much much smaller and paler...
you two are deffo confusing me lol! swede-big and orange......turnip-small and white/purple xxxx


Cambridge Consultant
Right, well it seems you are right, its a regional thing. Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhh so what I LOVE is your swedes but our turnips (I love the orange one).

I suspect that Cambridge will be referring to the white flesh one, which i have to admit I've never tried. pahhhhhhhhhhhhh. I can't imagine it will be as sweet as the orange one.

Don't want it now, they can shove it :p

Going to compare the carb/cals of them both and see if they are roughly the same.


Cambridge Consultant
Okay, found this, this is per 100g of vegetable. Now I'm even more confused as they both are pretty much the same and actually have more carbs/cals than tomatoes or sweetcorn (couple more cals), which we're not allowed!

Swede 5g 22 Sweetcorn 2g 24 Tomatoes 3g 18 Turnip 4.5g 21
Really sorry to be the bearer of bad news, however, you cannot have turnip, swede, parsnip or carrot. No root veggies at all.

The 810 programme allows turnip TOPS this is the green leafy bit not the actual turnip.

Root veggies are really carby and will ruin the diet big style.:sigh:


Cambridge Consultant
Roflmao, thanks Linda :happy096:, well that explains it then and also why I never thought I could have them in the first place. :break_diet:

Just re-read the book and it probably is a bit confusing, its listed as turnip or taro tops. Probably should say turnip tops, taro tops to make it a bit more obvious.

Sad though that I can't have turnip or swede or whatever its bloody called!:eat:


Cambridge Consultant
At least we've not been missing out on anything! :p

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