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Twilight new movie eclipse


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So girls am i the only one who is holding her breathe awaiting the new twilight movie.

oh my goodness when i see the trailers on tv i get so excited.

having read the books, intreasting to see the movie version

and oh my goodness edward and jacob, whos team are you on??

reality check im a 37 year old women drooling over youngsters


so what cinema here i come, move over girls :D
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ooo my tickets already booked couldnt get a sitter for kids til next week so got to wait for 9th July. team Edward all the way so i know theres going to be scenes in Eclipse im screaming at! ive read all the books first .... now im even more excited!
Me aged 48 and two teenage daughters have tickets for Saturday afternoon - gotta have popcorn how many syns in a 1/3 of a big tub of sweeet?
Read all the books a couple of times - daughters read them constantly, seen all the films - we love them.
I'm team Jedward I love them both - also team Carlisle and team Alice!

It was twilight that finally got my daughters reading - I got the video of the first film from Lovefilm on dvd - they were so not interested, I almost had to force them to watch it. That same evening I caught eldest daughter late at night in her room watching it over and over on the laptop.

From then on it was twilight books one after the other after the other, even managed to introduce Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights after a few months.

I cant thank Stephenie Mayer enough.


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Oooh, Team R Pat for me!!

We are going but in a couple of weeks when it's not so busy at the cinema and we have more time. I love the films. We have the books but I haven't read them yet, my daughter has read them all.

Even hubby likes it. Can't wait!
Never even seen the first film or films (is there 2?) the Fella and me where only just saying the other night, we need to jump on board and see what all the fuss is about, so lovely ladies, could you give me the names of the first film(s) so we know what to get out at blockbuster please? thank you xxxx
Oooh thanks Claire, I will get those out, the OH likes all these types of movies (im more of a Sex and the City type of girl) but he has got me into Vampirey movies lately, so we will give them a go :) xxx


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i been watching vampire diaries aswell ( originally came out before twilight) so no copying there really good aswell

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