Twist Boards

Hiya, they mostly work your obliques, hips and thighs, and to a lesser extent your calves. They do work if you use them regularly although there are much more effective ways to achieve the same results! If you've already got one, though, you could use it while watching the telly or doing the dishes :)

i use my stepper for 10 mins, then i do my twist disk for another ten mins.. i have very lightweights on my wrists for both and swing my arms a bit!! it does look silly, both son and OH have watched! but i dont care!! it does work and can feel a difference, i also use the ab king pro for the top of my tummy, and its great. am on day 13 of ss so half an hour max for me! (roughly burn 80 cals on stepper, dont know on the other stuff!)

but the disk works only if you do it on a regular basis! if you use light weights on wrist, and bend your knees slightly for 15 seconds as you are working it, (building that time up over a period!) you can feel the areas its working on.(with wrist weights works your arms too! £3.00 from asda!).. dont do it too fast, but stretch as much as you can on it....
i started off doing just 5 mins, as it can be tiring!

(bit of a long post... my first one too!)

enjoy your exercise, its worth it! (coming from someone who used to be very fit but been a pig for the last 2 years! :eek: )

Lisee xx
Hi Ya

I have one of these and they are actually really good. I loaned mine away for a while and bought another to tide me over until it was given back to me. I found out that they come in different sizes. Mine that I lent was a bigger size and so my feet didnt fit on the new one very well. They are supposed to do your waist thighs and bum and they do work cause my friend has one as well (only she actually uses hers more) and she lost 4 inches of her waist and 3 off her bum. She does religiously do it morning and night though.
I got my twist board at a car boot for £1 !! Oh and my rebounder, £1, roll along the floor thingy, £1, and was given some weights and a stepper! The only thing i have bought is an abchair to protect my bad neck whilst doing stomach crunches! Mind you, i have been lazy recently and not done alot, must get back into the habit!
so what would you all say is the most effective tummy toner, bearing in mind i have neck injuries, which mean i cant out pressure on it,
Hi all
I got one of those twistie things with a monitor on it . I think its good i use it daily after 30 mins on me bike and i find it helps waist and thighs. My son laughs and takes the mickie but I dont care I try and do the twisty thing 3 times a day when I do me bike. I gave up on the thigh trainer for a while.
thecdthing, there are lots of exercises you can do for your abs that don't put stress on your neck - how about leg extensions or reverse crunches? You could even do core exercises sitting in a chair e.g. leg raises. Have you spoken to a doctor or physiotherapist about your options?

Hope everyones weight loss is doing well! Mine took a bit of a nosedive at the weekend(chinese and indian meals!!) so was pleased to find my twist board under the sofa!

I have just spent 15 mins on it and it was fun, you get quite a good workout as you tend to drift one way and have to use your arms to sort of air swim back to where you were facing!!

I hate exercise so this is quite good for me. Im going to keep using it even if its just a few times a week, will let you know if theres any pleasing results!!

This is my first post so hello to you all!

waist twister

Anyone know which part of the body they are supposed to work on and whether or not they actually work?

Waist Twister - the revolving magnetic disc on which you stand and twist. This cardiovascular disc is designed to slim and tone the thighs, waist, hips and buttocks. Increases stamina and tones the muscles in the upper and lower torso. A vigorous exercise to develop the legs, shoulder, and arms, simultaneously strengthening the back and massaging the feet during workout. It is compact, portable and can be used at any time to exercise.Low impact on joints, great for all ages.
For more details, you can contact amy at kytoelectronic dot com