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Two periods in one month!

Oh my frigging god I'm so hormonal!! I'm so stressed and blurgh past 4days and been the same weight on scales and just feel like I'm doing this for nothing, just been loo and I'm on AGAIN! Iv got coil ha it since sept and not had a period for months lol argh I could be done for murder right now lol
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I'm the same Hun. On the injection but been on for about 2 weeks straight. My CDC said that ketosis can have this affect on people. It really sucks! x
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first period after birth for me (it was never going to be pretty lol) but ive had the implant in & obviously started CD - ive now been on for 2 bloody weeks! argh. which means my scales have barely moved in the last 2 weeks :( Xx
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Totally sympathise with the whole period from hell - I am on Cerazette so I haven't had a period in 2 years (yeah!) and then I have had two in 6 weeks - the last one started on the 7th jan and was so bad I was changing tampons (super-plus) every 1.5 hours (the rest of the horrors I will spare you) and it is only starting to stop as the doctor gave me mega-progesterone tablets (3 times the normal Cerazette strength) to stop it...it is utter madness...why can't our side-effect be the stopping of periods?

If it is getting too much go and see your GP and see what they can offer...mine was really helpful and appreciated just how tiring not sleeping is and the stress it was causing me.
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i have the injection and so far sice i started ive pretty much been on and off the whole 3ish weeks!! Booo!!!
My scales been stuck for agrees could this be from being on? My stomach ache is hurting alot too and I never normally have stomach pains sinc having my babies! My last period was very heavy and was on super plus tampax too!

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