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Two weeks in and the worse thing happened yesterday.

Hello, I have been following Slimming world for two weeks now and have lost 6 lb so far which I am quite happy about. I got reminded yesterday why I need to do this, I went to our local park with my two year old and he was desperate to be a pirate on the boating lake so I agreed to take him on, well my 16 and a half stone self at the back of the boat against his 2 stone self at the front did not work and the boat sunk in the middle of the crowded lake. He was screaming and I have never been so embarrassed and burst into tears. Luckily it was only waist deep and I could wade out carrying him. I don't want to be an embarrassment to my son.
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Hi Sjs,

Aww, that's terrible. But I'm sure you're no embarrassment to him. At least you're doing something about your weight now. And look at that! 6lbs in twooo weeks! That shows strength, determination and will power. Congratulations! It won't be long before you can go back there and show off the new you. Be proud of yourself. You've done really well. Just keep it going and before you know it, that day will be a distant memory that both you and your son can laugh about. :smile:
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Im sure like Miami said above you will not have been an embaressment to him. 6lbs in 2 weeks is great.

Stay positive and little incident with the boat will be insiginificant in a few weeks time :)
Thank you, I know he is to little to be embarrassed by me yet but I need to do something now before he is old enough. Small part of me can understand the other people sniggering, I must have looked quite comical sinking to the bottom in the stupid little boat!
S: 16st6lb C: 14st7lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 31.8 Loss: 1st13lb(11.74%)
D'you know what? Comedians make fun of overweight people soooo much, that I doubt any of those onlookers even remember your face. So don't worry about it. No one but the person these things happen to, cares or remembers it. The real tradegy would've been if either of you had become seriously injured. So at least you have that much to be grateful for, right?
Anyway, come on. You've lost 6lbs! You must be floating by now, surely :)
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Your doing so well !!!

Your doing something about your weight and im sure you son was not embarrassed , in fact it will have been quite an adventure for him although he cried at the time one day you will look back and laugh about it !! I assure you !!

Keep going and good luck =)

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