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Typical menu for the working mum?

Hi everyone!

Was just wondering what you guys eat when your working full time? I seem to depend on home made sandwiches alot and im sure its no good for me as i dont seem to be losing!

If you dont mind can you post a typical day's menu if you work 9 - 5.30

just want to compare and see if I can get some ideas about how to change my menu!

Many thanks

s x
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Hiya Chucks!!
Hi i dont work 9-5 but am on the go most of the day.

L-No point veg soup with 12 melba toasts spread with ELF philly.Banana,Apple.
D-Usually a casserole or Chix breast with Jp+salad,lasagne made day before.

Have you got a slow cooker that would be a good idea if you can organise your meal etc,it would be almost ready when you got in then.
There are lots offoods you could take to work have you got access to a microwave?
Hi Fuzzy!

I dont have a slow cooker! i have a normal cooker and very little time to cook! My situation is that my hubby and son eat what my mother in law cooks which is pretty high in fat as its a typical pakistani family! (chappati / curry / rice tec)

I dont really eat that much i preffer to cook my own meals, as im cookingf or 1 its difficult to ACTUALLY COOK anything! #If i do spend time on cooking most of the food goes in the bin as i cant eat the same food for more than three days and its difficult to cook small portions! I cook chicken breast i the oven for my hubby every week (high protien food as he works out at gym muscles building blah blah)
So i have some of his chicken during the week.

I have access to a microwave at work... any suggestions on what to warm up in it? lol


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why not have a look at the recipe section? Some of the soups are really nice, like mini meals (Seafood or Ham and sweetcorn chowder), are easy to make and last for days. When i'm at work i bring a container of the stuff and heat it up in the micro. I also would prepare a bagel with low point fillings, fruit and yoghurt.
how about some of the ww ready meals, they can be microwaved and might make a change occaisionally. i work at lunchtime so by the time i get home i'm starving so they are quick and easy for me
hi Jaxi, I will be making some soup as soon as this party business is over and bringing that to work with me to fill my breaks! my ww cook book arrived yesterday so going to have a skim through that for stuff i can actually attemp!

Hi mommy (that sounds weird! lol) I cant eat the ready meals as most of them have meat in them and i can only eat halal meat! which is why i take the easy option of eating sandiwches!!
a typical day for me is
crunchy nut,
sandqich with snacka jack or yogart
chicken and cheese


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Here i am again;)

Try some porridge in the morning if you can face it - I don't eat cereals coz for me they're not good value for points and don't fill me up. (unless weetabix or similiar). An apple mid morning or small banana and your soup and a sarnie for lunch. I'm sorry but Chicken and cheese for dinner just sounds so ......bland (no carbs?);) Your WW cookbook will be full of yummy recipes to help you out.

Sorry for going on again - must be on a crusade this evening:D.

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